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I am so excited to have a girls getaway this weekend. For me, these girlie getaways are essential for my well being. I crave this time to getaway, free myself of To Do’s, schedules, meetings and obligations and just be foot loose and fancy free. It’s my time to recharge my batteries and connect with adult women with whom I can be my real unencumbered self with. Not that I have any reason to complain, because I have a wonderfully understanding hubby who knows how important my girlfriend time is, and he generously allows me to go away several times a year.

Going away this weekend sparked this post and made me wonder how many of you schedule girl time? What gets in the way? Why is it important? How do you feel after having some exclusive girl time? For me, I get reinvigorated and it shifts my perspective, not to mention staying up late and sleeping in, oh what a treat!

What will it take for you to be a bit selfish and getaway for a few hours or a few days? Who are your fun and inspirational friends? Who are the friends that make you a better person or who enlighten you? What would you do (For me Scrapbooking Getaways and Wine Tasting Trips really rock my world)? What kind of trip or activity will really take you away from it all and allow you to escape? I challenge you to use this post as a gentle reminder to schedule some me time to recharge your batteries and connect with yourself on a whole new level, I promise it will make a world of difference. 

Please post and share your wonderful adventures with us, we are here for you girlfriend!

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Jamie Velasco says:

    Romy, UR Blog is awesome and an example to be followed! Thank you for having invited me to visit it.
    Kisses and tons of L-O-V-E!!

    Jamie Velasco

  2. i need to constantly remind myself for girls-and-me time. let’s see, i wasnt able to see my friends as much as i want to since i got married, much more so now that i have a toddler. if i want to meet up with my friends, i have to take my son with me because he doesnt want to be left behind, even with daddy.

    i wish for more girls time. we enjoy eating out, having a cup of coffee, maybe a pamper-me day…

  3. I have been lucky enough to have a girls weekend in Vegas for the past 3 years. A weekend of no husbands, children or responsibilities! We eat wonderful food, see a show, drink large amounts of alcohol and dance until 5 in the morning. During the day we hit the hot tub, shop and maybe do a little sight seeing. We always have adventures and laugh about the trips. My husband says I’m much nicer after being in Vegas. I am rough around the edges for a few days after coming back but feel like a renewed person on the inside even if my feet are killing me from dancing on the tables!

  4. What an awesome blog, I love it. you are so right about girl time, I rarely ever get away with my girlfriends and I really need to. Good girlfriend really do let you be your unencumbered self.

  5. Romy….you are exactly right!! Girls night out or girls weekends are life saving! I go on a trip with girlfriends twice a year-I highly recommend it!

    Mary Kay
    Spa for Your Soul Coach

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