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I have a couple confessions to make. The first one is a bit of a guilty pleasure: I am obsessed with designer sunglasses! I love trying them on, swooning over ones that I can’t afford and then once or twice a year I save up and buy a special pair to add to my treasured collection. It makes me happy! The second confession will come as no surprise: I love cool innovative apps that combine my love for fashion and obsession with tech and social media. So if you combine these two passions, you’ll understand how STOKED I was to tryout an innovative new virtual glasses try-on app from

First let me tell you little bit more about They offer a vast array of on trend designer glasses and sunglasses at amazing prices. They also offer an amazing online glasses shopping experience because of their groundbreaking new virtual try-on app (available on most smart devices) which makes remote glasses shopping techie, fun, smarter, and simple.

This state of the art app/futuristic technology totally ‘WOWED’ me!! The app utilizes 3Dfit technology which blends the best of Hollywood special effects with advanced computer modeling and facial mapping to produce a true to life 180° view of your face.

3D glasses image

The app allows you to pick your favorite glasses, compare the frames side-by-side and see how each frame looks, flatters and fits your face. It also gives you multiple angles to view the frames from like the Front

Frames front view

and The Side

Frames Side View

And probably my favorite part, it also allows you to position (move the frames with your fingers up and down your face) the frames and arms exactly to where you want them to sit on your nose and ears, so flipping cool!

Frame position

The app also has a “share” feature that allows you to send the images to your friends via email and share them on your social media sites in order to have everyone chime in on their favs.

I can’t get over how much fun I had playing with this app and virtually trying on a wide variety of designer sunglasses on-the-go. I found it super easy to set-up and use (No Glitches!) and more importantly I think it gave me a very real and true sense of how each frame would look on my face in real life and I love the sunnies I got! This uber cool app is currently available for Apple and Android devices. And here’s a special offer for Romy Raves readers: 15% your entire purchase at through March 31, 2014 with code  gls15off

Disclosure: invited me to tryout their new virtual try-on app for editorial consideration and then sent me a pair of sunglasses. All opinions and fashionista obsessions are my own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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