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smellAs my hubby always tells me “You have a bionic sniffer” and if you are anything like me, your sense of smell is VERY powerful. Scents dramatically affect my mood–the right smell can transport me to a wonderful time and place or it can anchor a special memory and the wrong smell can easily put me in a negative space. For this reason (along with being a beauty maven), I absolutely adore wearing perfume and tend to use different fragrances to shape my experiences. I am always on the ‘sniff’ for a new scent to add to my permanent collection.


Enter Sarah Horowitz Parfums, a California based fragrance house that has attracted a cult following across the US because of its unique and inspired collections of artisanal fragrances. The creative genius behind this company is Sarah Horowitz-Thran, an extraordinary perfumer who has an intuitive knack for creating non-formulaic complex fragrances that tap into your emotions and offer a wonderful vehicle for self-expression. “Finding the perfect fragrance for you, can bring you into the moment and remind you of who you are and what you love,” says Sarah.


Years ago, I heard about Sarah’s talents from friend, who knew about this entrepreneurial perfumer and her wonderful box of oils that she would schlep around the beaches in Malibu and create custom fragrances for people. Soon enough, I began wearing one of her earliest creations called Perfect Veil a clean, subtle musky scent that is still one of my signature fragrances to this day.


Imagine my delight, when I had the opportunity to try a couple of the new Sarah Horowitz Parfums purse pens (these are fun, sleek, modern, purse-friendly rollerball pen parfum dispensers) filled with the fragrances from her newest collection called What Comes From Within. This inspired line pays tribute to the phenomena of inner beauty (love that concept!) and there are five scents in this collection all based on the powerful connection between spirit, heart and mind. These more spiritually oriented parfums offer the consumer more than just a fragrance, they offer an emotional journey as well.


lightFirst, I tried Light Comes From Within which represents Spirit. This is a sheer, luminous fragrance that celebrates new beginnings. It has a sparkling bergamot top note, a freesia, honeysuckle and night blooming jasmine middle note and a fresh oceanic musk and white cedar base note. I would describe this parfum as fresh, slightly floral with an appealing musk aspect that I am drawn to (I am a total musk girl and almost all of my fav fragrances have a noticeable musk note.) This is the type of fragrance I would wear on a summer night, out on a date and hanging by the beach because it has a watery, oceanic smell to me. And I just love it! It’s uplifting but has complexity and depth.


peacePeace Comes From Within represents the Mind. This is a clean, tranquil fragrance of gentle depth. It has a bergamot top note and a fresh oceanic musk and sandalwood base note. I would describe this parfum as subtle, fresh, water/oceanic and great for spring and summer. I also love the musk notes in this parfum and it makes me smile when I wear it.


Not only am I equally loving both of these intriguing, unique, fresh inspired fragrances, but I am also thrilled about this sleek and modern purse pen packaging. It is a beautiful design, fits nicely in your purse, dispenses the parfum easily and smoothly, and just looks cool.


My affinity for Sarah Horowitz continues to grow and I definitely think you should check out the What Comes From Within Collection and add one of these adorable purse pens and beautifully crafted fragrances to your collection, you will love it!


You can buy any of the fragrances in the What Comes From Within Collection or any other Sarah Horowitz Parfums products Here. As an added bonus, Sarah Horowitz Parfums is offering Romy Raves readers a special discount on another cult fav fragrance in their collection called Perfect Bliss (top notes of blood orange, mango, and papaya; middle note of gardenia; and warm, sexy base notes of vanilla, patchouli, cedar and musk–YUM!). Romy Raves readers will receive a 20% discount on either a Perfect Bliss 1.7 oz. eau de parfum or a Perfect Bliss Body Creme when you use the coupon code BLISSOUT09 .


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Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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