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When I was a teenager starting to deal with the onset of breakouts and just beginning to take better care of my skin, Neutrogena’s iconic translucent amber Facial Cleansing Bar was the holy grail of skincare. It was the go-to cleanser for almost every teenage girl of my generation. And just like it was yesterday, I still fondly remember the unmistakable clean herbal medicinal scent and the much desired squeaky clean feeling on my skin. I guess you can say that this was just the beginning of the obsessed skincare junkie that I am today.

Fast forward thirty something years later and allow me to introduce you to Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser, which I would describe as this generation’s much enhanced version of the iconic cleanser. Unlike the original bar soap that left your skin feeling squeaky clean and tight, this new foaming cleanser is extremely gentle yet effective at removing excess oil, dirt and makeup while protecting your skin’s natural moisture barrier and leaving it feeling soft, not dry or tight.

This beautifully modern cleanser does an amazing job of thoroughly cleansing all skin types, yet it is not at all too harsh or irritating for sensitive skin. And while some sensitive skin cleansers tend to leave behind a calming residue, Ultra Gentle Cleanser rinses away completely clean. So your skin feels clean, hydrated and balanced.

Many other cleansers over-penetrate & irritate the skin. Ultra Gentle cleansers clean effectively without damage.

Being a beauty junkie, I definitely have tried my share of facial cleansers, but I can honestly say that I haven’t tried anything quite like this. I know that Neutrogena spent year’s perfecting this unique formula and it shows. I love how it completely washes away all traces of dirt and make-up off my face without irritating my skin or burning my eyes. And even though I have resilient skin and can use more aggressive cleansing formulas, this has become a new go-to fav, especially as we transition from summer to fall. I also love the generous budget friendly size pump dispenser that has taken up permanent residence is my much coveted shower beauty product arsenal. Even my 10 year old pre-tween son is a fan!

NeutrogenaNeutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser ($8.99) is formulated with a hypoallergenic fragrance that is free of known skin allergens and irritating essential oils and has been clinically proven to be gentle enough for cleansing sensitive skin, including skin with acne, eczema, rosacea and atopic dermatitis. You can find it online or at your favorite mass retailer.

Disclosure: I am a Neutrogena Brand Ambassador and therefore have access to all the wonderful Neutrogena products, but all opinions are my own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. I love neutrogena products. I’m going to have to check out this cleaner. Thanks for writing about it. I have some breakouts coming up that I’m trying to figure out. I hope this can help me fight it.

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