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Being a blogger definitely has its privileges, case in point: Being invited by Dove Hair Care (the official Red Carpet Sponsor of the shindig) to attend the star studded Hollywood movie premiere of New Year’s Eve. I have been totally excited about seeing this celebrity filled chick flick with a stellar cast and jumped at this coveted invite to attend the premiere and after party. I put on one of my best Hollywood sparkly glam outfits, grabbed one of fun party worthy girlfriends and off we went to Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

It was such a fun and lively event, Hollywood Blvd. was shut down to accommodate the large red carpet, paparazzi, and fans, and my guest and I hovered around the red carpet arrivals to get an up close glimpse of all the stars. It was so fun! I loved seeing the gorgeous female stars up close like Hilary Swank (so gracious to the paparazzi), Sofia Vergara (hoochie mama-sexy and gorgeous), Katherine Heigl (super fit and sporting and very attractive Marilyn Monroe look)

And being both a theater buff/Broadway musical lover and Glee fan, my personal favorite was Lea Michelle (BTW I saw her in Spring Awakening on Broadway before Glee and LOVED her), petite and gorgeous in a champagne colored Valentino dress reminiscent of old Hollywood Glamour

I got the inside scoop on Lea’s gorgeous vintage hairstyle, from Dove Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend: “It was all about modern glamour for Lea’s look at the New Year’s Eve premiere. Her Valentino dress reminded me of Old Hollywood, so we wanted to play off that with a young, modern version. I started by adding a large dollop of Dove Body & Lift Mousse to her damp hair and blow dried with a large round brush, giving Lea a deep side part. Next, I took 3-inch sections of hair and sprayed Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray on each section, and then wrapped the hair around a 2 inch curling iron, leaving the ends just a little straighter. For loads of shine and beautiful texture, I took a quarter size amount of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Smoothing Cream in my hands, rubbed them together and then raked my fingers through her hair for piecey-ness. I kept her fringe off her face by spraying Dove Extra Hold Hairspray on a small flat brush and brushing back and to the side.”

Now for the boys, for me it was all about the Glee cast! I adore this show because for me, watching it is like getting a little slice of a Broadway show in my home each and every week! I was fortunate enough to snuggle up to the adorably boyish sexy man Cory Monteith, so sweet and boy did he smell good!

Then I snuck past his publicist and got a nice pic with the uber talented and much more youthful in real life, Chris Colfer

And my favorite sighting and meet and greet of the night at the swanky after party was by far Darren Criss (aka Blaine). He was so sweet, charming and handsome IRL, he really took the time out to talk to me about being a blogger, shared that he is replacing Daniel Radcliff on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business and even wanted to see how our picture came out and if it met with his approval 🙂 I think he is insanely talented and his star is just beginning to rise, definitely keep an eye on him! We make a cute couple, don’t ya think?

So now that the celeb gossip is out of the way (and what a treat it was to be up close and personal with so many hot stars), on to the reason you are reading this post to begin with, the movie! So how was it you ask? Fun, girlie, light, and enjoyable to see such a diverse star powered cast and how their stories intertwine. It will be a great GNO or date night movie, lots of fun storyline’s, with my favorite being the unexpected storyline with Zac Efron (totally adorable IRL and tough to take a pic with!) and Michelle Pfeiffer, very heart warming.

It was a super fab glam night and a special thanks to Dove for inviting me! Here I am looking vintage fab at the New Year’s Eve Premiere After Party photo booth!

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. OMg! So Lucky! I would’ve died if I got to meet the Glee cast! How did you contain yourself?1 lol

  2. You HOT glamor girl – love that you are out there having FUN! Sounds like a great night. Can’t wait to see the movie!! xo

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