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Having been obsessed with beauty products since I was a tween, makes me one finicky beauty consumer, and for that reason I am still super skeptical about the efficacy of natural and organic products. In my experience, they just don’t work as well as there more chemically laden counterparts. Well, all that is starting to change with some of the innovative products I have tried lately, and one of the leaders in my transformation towards liking organic products is The Organic Pharmacy and their beautifully made effective 100% organic products.

Right now my winter parched skin is loving the Organic Pharmacy’s Antioxidant Face Firming Serum because it intensely moisturizers, lifts, calms and heals my skin all at once–and it has a fresh yummy citrus scent too. This serum contains rose hip, grapeseed, alphalipoic acid, DMAE, carrot and grapefruit oil and it claims to reverses sun damage, lift and tone the skin, reduce wrinkles, and absorb free radicals. This serum has been nicknamed ‘the instant face lift oil’ because your face looks refreshed immediately after using it. I use a couple drops of this concentrated serum morning and night and my skin stays hydrated and happy all day and night. This is such a fabulous product that I am planning to keep in my regular beauty arsenal.

I am also very impressed with the Organic Pharmacy’s Collagen Boost Mask. Right now my skin is dry, sluggish and stripped of its vitality because of the harsh winter elements and not enough sleep (which I am sure many of you relate to :-)). Every time I use this miraculous mask, my skin just drinks it up and instantly looks hydrated, healthy, youthful, lifted, and brighter (it is a perfect mask to use before a special night out). I really can’t believe how transformed my skin looks in such a short period of time–it really gives your face a noticeable boost. This mask contains aloe and seaweed gel, alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, CoQ10, horestail, ginseng and propolis.

So I must admit that these wonderful organic products have opened my eyes to the potential power and health benefits of less processed beauty products, how about you? And you can find all of these wonderful Organic Pharmacy Products HERE. If you have discovered any wonderful organic beauty products, please share your tips in the comments section of this post.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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