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If you have ever eaten a macadamia nut, you know how insanely yummy, creamy and full of flavor they are, more of an indulgent specialty nut rather than your run of the mill kind of nut, right? Now imagine all of these wonderful, rich, luxury qualities translated into a line of hair care products, doesn’t that sound divine? To me, YES!

Let me introduce you to my new favorite line of hair care products Macadamia Natural Oil. These products are the bomb! OMG, I am so in love with these fabulous products I don’t even know where to begin. This inspired line of products combines two of the worlds most rare, valuable and lightweight natural oils Macadamia Nut Oil from the South Pacific with the wildly popular Argan Seed Oil from North Africa’s Berber region into a beautiful line of luxury hair care products.

Macadamia Nut oil is a coveted beauty ingredient because of its uncanny ability to mimic the body’s own natural oils, allowing for unparalleled absorption and rapid penetration into the hair and skin. It has a rich concentration of essential fatty acids, natural antioxidants and vitamins that leaves hair deeply nourished and revitalized. Argan Seed Oil restores strength, shine and softness to dry, brittle hair while nourishing hair damaged by chemical services.

By combining both of these stellar oils in the Macadamia Natural Oil line, the results are even more impressive together. The benefits of this dynamic oil duo include: improved strength and hair quality; radiant shine;  hair that is deeply nourished, revitalized and silky smooth; softens thick, coarse hair; eliminates frizz and tangles; revives over-processed hair; no oily residue or build up; helps repair follicles, improves elasticity and increases nourishment; the natural UV protection extends the life of color treatments; and it reduces drying time up to 50%. Wow, that’s a powerful combo, don’t ya think?

So what am I NUTS about? Everything! First, the artisitc green and brown filagree package design is beautiful and totally catches my eye. Second, the hero product Healing Oil Treatment is amazing. It smells sweetly divine, absorbs instantly, smooths my hair and adds a beautiful shine. Then, the Rejuvenating Shampoo gently cleanses my processed hair while being hydrating at the same time, plus I love the way the bottle looks in my shower; the Nourishing Leave-In Cream is light weight, hydrating and gently mends my hair; and the Deep Repair Masque (with a little healing oil mixed in) is my new ‘put my hair back to health’ treatment conditioner. My hair just adores this deep conditioning product which it drinks it up. This treatment masque really hydrates, rejuvenates and makes my hair so healthy and shiny after I use it. And one more unexpectedly wonderful perk, because of the amazing absorption of these products, it significantly reduces my blow drying time too–overall just FAB!

Obviously, I am crazy about the Macadamia Natural Oil Products (maybe the foodie in me really responds to the whole yummy nut thing) and I think you will be too. Right now Macadamia Natural Oil is offering a “Get Hooked” Sample Pack which includes a mini Healing Oil Treatment and a 1 oz. Deep Repair Masque for only $5 plus free shipping. This is a $15 value and a great way to get a feel for my two fav products from this line. You can order your sample pack HERE.

And because I am such a huge fan of this product line, I am also offering a fabulous GIVEAWAY: A beautiful Macadamia Natural Oil Salon Intro Kit valued at over $100 to one lucky Romy Raves reader. This amazing set includes full sizes of the Shampoo, Leave-In Cream, Healing Oil Treatment, and the Deep Repair Masque along with 3 mini travel size oils and a healing oil infused comb.

All that you need to do for your chance to win this set is post a comment on this blog post telling us about your favorite hair treatment products and also what sounds appealing about the Macadamia Hair Oil products. That’s all you need to do. I LOVE comments and want to encourage my readers to regularly post comments and share your thoughts. This contest will end at midnight PST on Sunday, February 28th, 2010. The winner will be selected using You must have a U.S. shipping address in order to enter and only one entry per person. Good Luck!

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. I am probably so late for this contest, but I am soooo much in agreement with you! I have tried both Moroccan and this one, and have since retired Moroccan for adding into conditioners, treatments, etc. I tried the macadamia nut while at ULTA, and OMG, it absorbed sooo well into my relaxed hair! Amazing! Thanks so much for this post.

  2. sejour maroc says:

    This is such a perfect post. Thank you for taking time to write this.

  3. I abosutely love hair oils. My current fave is extra virgin coconut oil. I missed out trying the morrocan oil. I also saw the macadamia oil products in Ulta while there yesterday. I’d love to get a chance to see how they work on my naturally curly hair. Nice blog by the way! 🙂

  4. Tacy Torres says:

    I’m big into naturally derived beauty products, and this line looks great! I’ve been dabbling in the Yes To line since it’s available locally. The packaging on these products is divine!

  5. I leave my conditioner in for a long, long time. I would love to try this product. I saw it at Ulta. I hope I win. Most appealing to me is how luxuriously it sounds.

  6. i’m always on the hunt for new products to try to get my mane tamed! it’s no easy task!

  7. I have never treated my hair because I used to not do anything to damage it. I don’t even own a blow dryer! However, I just dyed my hair for the first time and will have to continue (stupid grey hairs!) so I would love to win this and use it since my hair will be stressed more with dying it. I like that it mimics the body’s own natural oils. I like my Hair to look healthy and natural and I think this stuff would be perfect for my hair!

  8. I love the fact that it is a natural oil that mimics the body’s own natural sebum and that it does not leave an oily residue on the hair or skin.


  9. I use to love doing the hotoil treatments, It’s been awhile! Salons are not really my thing only because My sister and sister in law are hair dressers so whn I need a haircut I just call them and go to their house! I trimmed my hair once during my Pregnancy and now it’s so long hubby says I can get my Poat pardum Haircut! lol (he likes it long but knows it’s alot to take care of)

    I like that the products provide a non greasy frizz free finish, Frizz the headache of my hair troubles. I wish it would just decide curly or straight lol


  10. My favorite hair “product” is plain old unprocessed coconut oil. It makes a great deep conditioning treatment and helps get rid of split ends. The Macadamia Natural Oil products are particularly appealing to me because I love to use oils in my beauty regime all the time–coconut oil for the hair, pomegranate seed oil on the face, etc. It would be fun to switch to a new oil!

  11. My favorite hair products are Aveda because they treat damaged hair with a yummy aroma! The Healing Oil Treatment sounds nice because all hair can use a little healing from the way it is handled!

  12. modelturnedmom says:

    I’m sooo curious to try this product line, I first learned about it from you and can’t wait for my damaged tresses to receive some tlc. The whole product line sounds so nurturing and fortifying. Currently, I use the Moroccan Oil line, I like what it does but don’t love the smell.

  13. I used to have hair down past my fanny and I loved monoi oil for keeping it soft and healthy. Plus it smells divine.

    What a generous contest – i’m hoping i’m lucky again!!

  14. All of it. It all sounds appealing and emollient and yummy for my lizard-like SoCal skin…TMI?

  15. My favorite hair oils are Unprocessed coconut and sweet almond oil, but I craved to try argan oil for a while, so I recently purchased the sample pack from Macadamia Natural Oil. I’ve only tried the Healing Oil Treatment so far, but I really love how my relaxed hair seems to be responding to it. The smell is really pleasant and it absorbs in effortlessly. It’s great for when I’m sealing in a moisture product (my hair is extra thirsty for moisture) and it keeps my hair soft.

    I was really eyeing that Intro Kit on their website – it’s a fantastic compilation of products. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

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