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Are you ready to say goodbye to shaving and ingrown hairs forever and get rid of your unwanted hair once and for all? Have you shied away from professional hair removal because it’s cost prohibitive? If you said yes to these questions, then I just might have a much welcome solution for you! Allow me to introduce you to Silk’n Flash&Go Express, an innovative painless light-based device for at home permanent hair removal. Silk’n offers a beautiful and luxurious new way to remove unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home. This device uses state-of-the-art home pulsed light (HPL) technology, to permanently remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body (from the cheekbones down.)

Since people often wonder exactly how this type of hair removal works, allow me to get just a little bit techie about the process for a brief moment. Flash&Go Express emits a pulse of energy (HPL) which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft. Hairs that are in the anagen phase of the growth cycle are targeted by this pulse of energy and disabled, preventing future growth. After a series of treatments, users report less hair growth in the treatment area, and eventually their hair will cease to grow. After 6-8 weeks of usage you will start to notice dramatic changes in the structure of your hair and it will become much finer, thinner and the growth pattern will slow dramatically. However, full hair removal can take up to 6 months. Kinda cool, right?

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So I decided to put the Silk’n Flash&Go Express home hair removal device to the test and use it on my underarm area. First of all, the device just looks chic and pretty 🙂 and it felt comfortable in my hand. It is super easy to use and it has five energy levels so that you can use the level that is most comfortable for you (I used level 3/4). Honestly, this device uses beautiful technology to make at home hair removal safe, easy, seamless and virtually painless. After about a month or so of use, I have noticed that my hair is softer finer and less overall. I can’t get over how effective, luxurious yet affordable ($299) the Flash&Go Express is!


Being a busy mom and career woman, I am always looking for time saving beauty treatments that don’t compromise efficacy or quality and honestly the Silk’n Flash&Go Express truly delivers the same level state-of-the-art hair removal results that you expect from a luxurious medi spa at a fraction of the price and without any time wasted in annoying traffic.

Let’s see . . . the Flash&Go Express saves me time and money, offers an exquisite top notch quality of treatment and beautiful user experience whenever it is convenient for me? Sign me up for the the Silk’n Not Shaven Revolutionaka the #NoShaveWave! How about you? Are you ready to say goodbye to shaving for good? Please share your shaving/hair removal stories in the comments section below and join us on social media using the #NoShaveWave hashtag.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Silk’n in partnership with Find Your Influence. All opinions and smooth hair-free skin are my own






Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. I’ve been thinking about getting one of those! Thanks for the review! Super helpful!

  2. Great post! I’m always looking for ways to save time on my beauty routine so I might have to give this a try 🙂

  3. So this is what my wife’s been talking about recently! I think she’s giving me a hint, cause her birthday is coming.. Anyway, she’s been complaining recently about going to a skin center to get her hair armpit treatment (if that’s how you call it), by using a laser treatment or something.. So, I think this one is budget-friendly and on the go.. Is this available at the mall? or do I have to order online? Thanks.

  4. Pauline@revitol hair removal cream says:

    Hey! Loved the product. I had used it several times and can be preferred for smaller areas. The price of the product is affordable and would like to recommend to my family and friends.

  5. This sounds like an awesome product! Shaving is so time consuming, and having to do it so often is just too much work when you’ve got a busy schedule. I would love to give this tool a try! Thanks so much the info!

  6. What an amazing device. I get so tired of shaving and getting irritation under my arms. This would be wonderful!

  7. My neighbor and I were just talking about hair removal treatments. I might have to suggest this to her! Thanks!

  8. How awesome! I’ve been interested in these at-home devices

  9. Hmm mmmmm this is tempting! I’m on the go a lot, not having to shave would be amaaaaazing! I used to wax pre-kids but who has time after?!

  10. I have tried this before and I love it! I was so surprised it actually worked!!

  11. I HAVE the have this! I’ve always wondered how well these worked, thanks for your review!

  12. How neat! 6 months is NOTHING compared to no more shaving!

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