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clinique, underwater photo

I’ve had some incredible opportunities since I began blogging over 7 years ago and I feel truly blessed and grateful for each and everyone one them. However, recently I had an incredibly unique opportunity that stands out above all the rest: I was invited to channel my inner goddess and mermaid in order to experience an underwater photo shoot courtesy of Clinique. What? Really? OMG I jumped at the chance!

The Summer in Clinique Underwater Photo Shoot was held at the pool of the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills. We were asked to select a flowy vintage style gown & I couldn’t resist this eye catching coral red dress

clinique, summer, underwater photo

Then I was literally asked to step into the pool fully clothed in my designer gown and in all honesty, it felt weird and amazing all at the same time! The water was bath water warm and it felt really nice and comforting and I was in the hands of expert underwater and fashion photographer @franceduque. He made me feel relaxed as he expertly guided me on how to channel my inner mermaid, swim gracefully and not to puff out my cheeks while swimming because it doesn’t look good in pictures.

It was incredibly exhilarating and exhausting experience (those gowns get really heavy when they are wet, so you have to work extra hard to swim and strike a graceful pose) and I really felt like an ethereal mermaid during my shoot. Total bucket list, amazeballs, memorable experience! The pictures speak for themselves
clinique, summer, undderwater photos


After my photo shoot, I needed a snack and I absolutely loved the fun and colorful gourmet DIY macaroon ice cream making station

clinique, summer, ice cream, macaron

Not only were they beautiful, but they were deelish!

clinique, foodie, macaron

Of course I needed a little freshening with Clinique products after my time in the pool

clinique, makeup, chubby stick

And last but not least, I had the opportunity to learn about the newest summer products from Clinique. They just came out with a few new physical, all-mineral sunscreens to protect against environmental aggressors and help to scatter and reflect UVA/UVB rays by blocking them from penetrating skin. The Mineral Sunscreen Fluid for Face SPF 50 ($26) is an ultra-lightweight, 100% mineral sunscreen that forms a protective invisible barrier on your skin. I love the super lightweight texture that won’t make your skin fee greasy this summer and it also comes in SPF 30. Mineral Sunscreen Lotion for Body SPF 30 ($32) has a lightweight easy to spread texture, is a 100% mineral sunscreen and is also non-greasy, non-oily but it doesn’t dry out your skin.’s Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer ($29.50) is the perfect moisturizer for summer! It’s a lightweight matte moisturizer that absorbs into your skin instantly, blurs imperfections and softens the look of your pores and fine lines. I love how it totally smooths and hydrates my skin without leaving it shiny or greasy. It’s ideal for absorbing the summer shine on your skin.

clinique, moisturizer, hydroblur

Disclosure: Clinique invited me to have my underwater photo taken and gave me some of their new products for editorial consideration. All mermaid poses and opinions are my own.

Incredible underwater photos by @franceduque & copyright Gremly Media

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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