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I recently discovered a wonderful line of what I am calling ‘dental couture’ products called Dentalogica. This is a line of oral care products with high quality natural ingredients and chic modern packaging. I must admit that it was the hip green packaging that initially grabbed my attention, but now that I have had a chance to try most of the line, these products are rather impressive.

Dentalogica was created by dentists who wanted to create a line of luxury oral care products that stood out among the rest. Dentalogica features an exclusive ingredient in all of its products called Blood of the Dragon, which is a natural extract harvested from the Dragontrees found in the Cloud Forests of Ecuador. This unique ingredient has been utilized for centuries to seal and protect wounds, speed healing, kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and stop bleeding. It is this proprietary ingredient and beautiful formulas that help these products standout above the rest.

Fierce White

In my opinion, Fierce White is the hero product of this line. This whitener is comprised of an advanced dual-action whitening system that can whiten your teeth up to six shades in just 3 days–that’s certainly fierce! After 3 days you will notice a significantly brighter, healthier looking smile–and I truly did!

This is an easy two step whitening process where you first apply the primer which contains visible bits of the “blood of the dragon” extract and after a few seconds you apply the whitening gel and then repeat for three days. I must tell you that even after one application my teeth were noticeably brighter and I had absolutely none of the sensitivity that is common with other whiteners. Overall, I found it an effective and easy to use product that I would highly recommend.

Hydra’s Wash

Another product I really like in the line is Hydra’s Wash Complete Mouth Rinse. I love the way the sleek green bottle looks in my bathroom and I like that it offers more than your typical mouthwash. It contains zinc to help maintain fresh breath longer and inhibit the calcification of plaque; xylitol which is a natural ingredient that helps fight germs that lead to bad breath and creates a barrier against plaque formation. I like the refreshing, but not overpowering mint flavor and that my teeth feel cleaner after use.

This inspired line is definitely worth checking out because its chic, unique and effective. Click HERE to purchase. Please post comments and share your favorite oral hygeine products or tips.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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