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I have been obsessed with taking care of my skin since I was a young teenager, always asking for samples and getting facials even back then, all in an effort to perserve my youthful glow and diminish the signs of aging. And while my skin looks amazing for a forty-something year old (thankfully people usually guess thirty-something), I still need a little help getting that flawless finish. I have tried many types of foundations and mineral make-up over the years that I like, but recently I had the opportunity to try a new product that I LOVE: Gerda Spillman Bio-Fond Foundation. This is an amazing product used by many pro make-up artists because it is beautifully made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, it has a moist, creamy light weight texture and it gives your skin a smooth velvetly finish.

The reason that I am raving about this foundation is because I just love the way it feels and looks on my skin, and the creamy powdery texture and medium coverage are perfect for me. I also really like that it comes in a compact form, it is super easy to apply with a sponge or your fingers, it offers the perfect amount of sheer coverage (or heavier if you need it), it has an appealing European skincare fragrance (which conveys high quality to me), it is waterproof, offers UVA/UVB protection, allows your skin to breathe and it lasts all day. This foundation is easy to use, offers instant pro-quality results, it feels great on the skin, offers great coverage and staying power, what more could a girl ask for in a foundation? I am in love!
Now, the true test of the appeal of this product came a couple of weeks ago when I had a dermatological procedure. My skin was very red and irritated, but I still needed to go out that evening and look decent, and to my pleasant surprise Bio-Fond surpassed my expectations. It was very gentle, it soothed my skin and it truly did a nice job of covering my flaws. I looked much better than I expected and was really happy with the results, and after this real-life test I was even more impressed with this product.
So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to try it yet? Well, now here’s the best part, Romy’s Raves readers get to try a deluxe sample of Bio Fond for FREE!! The delightful Samantha who heads up operations at Gerda Spillmann has generously offerred to send my readers a free deluxe mirrored compact sample (and it’s a generous sample too!) of this awesome foundation to try and see for yourself how wonderful it is. There is no obligation, no sales and no purchase necessary–it’s just a chance to try a great new product (that I love) and see for yourself if it is right for you.
To take advantage of this free offer, all you need to do it is call 1-800-282-3223 (FACE), tell them that Romy Raves told you to call for a free sample of Bio Fond Foundation and then the customer service agent will help you pick out the best color (there are 16 shades) that will work with your skin tone. They will send out a lovely sample for you to try, and as an added bonus they will also include a sample of their make-up primer called Hydro-Pearls as well as a sample of their cream blush in crimson (a universally flattering shade)–all for FREE!
I hope you enjoy this first of many free perks for being a follower of Romy Rave’s. Stay tuned for more freebies in the future. And please let me know what you think of the Bio Fond, I’d love to hear from you.
The Porcelain Goddess
Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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