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I am smitten with Tom Ford and IMO he is a pure fashion and beauty genius. Everything he touches is modern, innovative and classy. Oh and not to mention he is very easy on the eyes which just adds to his appeal. But I digress, I am here to tell you about a couple of the perfumes in his fab private blend collection that I am loving right now. These are exclusive high end fragrances and they just exude quality and complexity.

White Suede

This is the musk of raw desire and it smells like elegant suede and smooth leather, heightened by velvety rose, warm amber and sensuous musk. I describe this as a sophisticated musk that smells smoky, sexy, earthy, and a tinge floral. This is a multi-layered musk with a lot of dimension and I love wearing this on winter nights when I want to feel warm and sexy. But this is not your run of the mill perfume, it lasts and lingers in a beautiful way and the dry down gets even sexier IMO.

Champaca Absolute

This is a floral oriental composition with a sensuous heart note of Champaca, the magnolia-like flower. This is followed by the notes of Tokajii Wine and Cognac (the oenophile in me totally digs this) as it warms to the skin with Vanilla Bean, Amber and Sandalwood. I describe this as a sultry, sensual, warm, earthy, spicy oriental fragance. It has an alluring quality that makes me feel like snuggling with my man by the fire with a full bodied glasss of red wine (sounds divine right now since I am in NY without my honey and this is his all time favorite city). The dry down on me is a lusty vanilla and just puts me in the mood, if you know what I mean.

Tom Ford Fragrances are powerful, mood enhancing and shifting, and beautifully sexy. When he comes out with a new fragrance, I am the first in line cause they are that good. You can find these wonderful fragrances online at Neiman Marcus. What are your favorite sexy fragrances? What kind of scents put you in the mood?

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Champaca Absolute sounds wonderful. I will find some the next time I am at Neiman Marcus.

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