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I love the power of fragrances to shape my mood and memories, certain scents can instantly take me back to a certain place and time, how about you? Sometimes I smell a fragrance and the emotions just well up inside me, and that is the power and the magic of a scent.

TOVA is a prime example of one of those fragrances that has a meaningful and powerful place in my emotional history. This is the fragrance I wore throughout college, it was my fresh, clean, out-of-the-shower addictive white musk/sandalwood scent that everyone swooned over. This was a magnet for both men and women and I loved having something that moved people to respond, I was a beauty influencer even back then 🙂

Well, TOVA still holds a very special place in my heart and I have continued to wear it throughout the years, however it has definitely evolved over time. QVC now exclusively sells TOVA and the original scent has changed a bit and is now called TOVA Signature Platinum. This modernized version of TOVA still smells very unique and distinctive, but it has more intense concentrations of the original fragrance notes.

Signature Platinum has top notes of bergamot and crisp citrus from Italy, pure French Provençal lavender oil and jasmine absolute form the middle notes, and Indian sandalwood and seductive musk oils form the base. TOVA Platinum also features a higher level of musk notes which are responsible for the long-lasting richness that originally set Tova Signature apart from other fragrances. This is pretty close to the original fragrance I wore years ago in college and I continue to love its unique sensual freshness.

Well, TOVA has recently reinvented itself in the form of a refreshing summer scent called Tova Summer. This is a lighter version of the original scent with the additional notes of amethyst calla lily, California grapefruit, and pink cyclamen. I would describe this summery version as more green, herbal and citrus than the original. I love this seasonal twist because it still has the foundation of the notes I love about the original, but with with a new lightness and freshness that makes it totally different.

As an added bonus for this long time TOVA fan, I also had the opportunity to get a sneak peak of TOVA’s newest Eau de Parfum called Turquoise (which is not available in the US yet.) However, I am sure QVC will release this wonderful fragrance soon because it is fabulous! Turquoise (which has an appealing light blue hue BTW) has top notes of pear blossom, Italian bergamot, wild strawberry, and grapefruit; middle notes of wild jasmine, iris and orchid; and base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, musk and birch. I would describe it as a more tropical feminine version of the original scent even though there are no specific tropical notes in it. I LOVE the floral musky woody dry down and am totally addicted to TOVA’s newest inspiration.

What is your fav summer fragrance? Do Tell!

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Joan Johnson says:

    I’m waiting for Falling for Tova Turquoise to come back.

    LOVE it!

    I’ve worm signature forever, also like the Autumn.

  2. Farah Mahar says:

    Awesomeness in a bottle. You don’t see this fragrance coming and going. Just one of a kind.Bring it back Tova..i am losing my appeal here!

  3. Wonderful description of Tova’s new Signature platinum fragrance. At this time, I am waiting for the Tova Autumn scent. I do wish she would bring back Tova Calm again. Don’t let the luxury of your best disappear in this mass produced era Tova.

  4. Farah Mahar says:

    I am in love with Tova’s “Body Mind and Spirit” each time i used it..i received tons of compliments from both men and women.Now i have not see that fragrance any where.It is the only thing i use and love.
    Nothing but perfection in a bottle.It has moved many dry and sore minded people to say”hey what is it that you have on”?

  5. That sounds delightful in all its forms. Back in the day I wore sandalwood and I loved it, just the essential oil. I don’t have a favorite anymore except when I use some of my husbands Gray Flannel.

  6. You have some great info and ideas here on your blog for those who are into perfume and makeup and such (I can’t, am allergic to all those things). Cute banner!

    Visiting from SITS! Have a fabulous day! =)

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