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Every girl loves a fabulous professional blowout, but honestly in these strained economic times, a great blowdry usually costs $50+ and that is cost prohibitive for many of us these days. . . until now. I am excited to introduce you to drybar, a brilliant and timely concept that offers you professional high quality blowouts at an affordable price ($35!!) in a fun, fabulous, chic and modern atmosphere.

drybar is the brainchild of Alli Webb, a seasoned hairstylist who trained under some of the best in the hair biz like Toni & Guy and John Sahag. About five years ago, Alli left the hair biz to start a family, and then she decided to start a side biz of offering her friends in-home weekly blowouts and suddenly her business quickly exploded. This boom lead her to the idea of opening up blow dry only salons–exclusive, all style, high design shops with a fun and inviting atmosphere and skilled stylists. The first drybar opened in LA in February 2010 and now there are 4 locations with more locations opening soon. And the concept is plain and simple: No cuts. No color. Just blowouts. Only $35. 

And here’s a glimpse of what you can expect when you visit drybar: “Welcome to drybar”, the bartender/receptionist says. “So what’ll it be?” the bar maid/stylist asks, much like a bartender might ask you when you shimmy up to the bar. This barslang is totally intentional here (and creative) and I love it! And it only gets better: You order your preferred blowdry style from the bar menu/look book which has both pictures and descriptions of the styles. Options include things like: Straight Up-the signature blowout, the Manhattan-sleek and smooth, Southern Comfort-big hair lots of volume, a Cosmopolitan-lots of loose curls or a Floater-head massage.

I order the Straight-Up (smooth with some body) and just relax and enjoy from there. I love the sleek modern feminine decor, the charging station for my iPhone, that they offer me a cocktail (champagne of course!), and that Sex in the City is playing with closed caption on the flat screen. This salon is clearly designed with the needs of today’s modern woman in mind, and I totally appreciate that! This is the kind of atmosphere that makes me want to come back for more, it’s so inviting, modern yet homey, and totally up my alley. And the best part comes at the end when they do the ‘Big Reveal’ (FYI you face the bar/TV when they are drying you, so that you can relax and unwind) and show you your finished style in the cute vintage style mirror. I find this to be a delightful added touch! And I like my finished style, but want it a tiny bit straighter so without batting an eye, my bar maids smooths it a bit with a flatiron and then it’s just right. Here I am with Alli (checkout her FAB hair!) and my Straight Up blowdry:

drybar is Simple. Fun. Fabulous. Girlie. And the perfect place to primp for New Years Eve! Book your appointment now, how can you afford not to? Find your closest drybar location HERE.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Christina says:

    Hi Romy!
    I’m soo excited to read your review, Alli used to do my hair at my house and tomorrow I get to go to the drybar, can’t wait to try it out.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Sounds like a fun & relaxing hair experience! There’s nothing like a salon blow-out & with champagne?! Even better! 😉 Can’t wait till they open up in Newport Beach [closer to me!]

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