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Summer is in full swing and for me that means sportin’ a healthy summer faux glow. I feel prettier and slimmer with a golden glow, can you relate? But I also avoid the sun like the plague and slather on extra SPF during the summer months. So what’s a golden goddess to do? Sunless tanning of course!

In case you are skeptical, you should know that self tanning products have come a long way since they emerged on the beauty scene years ago, and gone are the heavy, smelly orangey first generation tanning products. However, not all self tanning products are created equal and I have made it my beauty blogger mission to vet out the best of the bunch. So I am thrilled to tell you about my most recent discovery: XEN-TAN Sunless Tanning products, honestly some of the most impressive self tanning products that I have ever tried.

What makes XEN-TAN sunless tanning products so special? The secret behind this brand’s gorgeous natural-looking self-tan is a time-released agent that controls the amount of sunless tan ingredient (called DHA aka dihydroxyacetone) released onto the skin during application. FYI – When DHA is released too quickly it creates a telltale unpleasant odor and a fake looking orangey tan.

XEN-TAN products are luxurious and high quality, they smell yummy and tropical, they contain skin nourishing ingredients like peptides and healing oils, and most significantly these products have an olive undertone (not orange) which results in a beautiful natural looking tan. I’d love to tell you about two of my favorite products in this amazing line.

XEN-TAN Luminous Gold Gel Sunless Tan ($35)


I am obsessed with this innovative sunless tanning product. This swoon-worthy product has a delicious tropical coconut pineapple scent and it comes in a lightweight clear silky gel formula that spreads easily, and it dries very quickly without any instant color, so that you don’t have to worry about discoloring your clothing. What I especially love about this sunless tanning product is that it is filled with a luminous gold shimmer which adds a sexy gleam of gold to your skin.

This product is super easy to use, lightweight, fast drying, yummy smelling and it gives my skin the perfect natural looking medium depth self-tan and an attractive hint of shimmer. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

XEN-TAN Moroccan Tan ($35)


This is a silky liquid-lotion self-tan formula with a fresh tropical scent that delivers a rich brown instant color and a medium self-tan within a few hours. What makes the Moroccan Tan formula so special is that it contains skin nourishing Moroccan oil and skin rejuvenating peptides to treat and moisturize your skin while you are tanning. I like using the Moroccan Tan when I want a richer deeper tan color and it is also gorgeous when I combine it with the Luminous Gold Gel for deeper tan with a sexy sparkle.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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