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I’ve been getting facials since I was 16 years old and am now 43, so if you do the math that is well over twenty five years of experience with a lot of treatments and trying out all types of skincare. While I have definitely tried all sorts of skincare products over the years, nobody quite does it like the French do, they just ‘get’ it and truly understand how to pamper and treat the skin in a luxurious way. And in my opinion, Yon-Ka Paris is a truly a pioneer and a leader in anti-aging skincare. With roots in botany, aromatherapy, science and beauty, Yon-Ka is a line that combines the best of nature and the best of science in order to deliver gentle but tangible results.

Yon-Ka  was one of the very first treatment lines I used on my skin during my early years of getting facials and I LOVED it! I will never forget the wonderfully addictive herbal floral smell of the Yon-Ka pink toner aka Lotion PS and how the smell instantly lifted my spirits and freshend my skin. I just started using it again and it is just as good as I remembered it, plus the fabulous smell transports me back in time. Lotion PS is an alcohol-free mist with invigorating aromas (lavender, rosemary, thyme, geranium, cypress) that tone, stimulate, soften and hydrate the skin. A classic and still amazing after all these years.

And how could I forget another all time Yon-Ka fav, Phyto-Contour Eye Cream. This refreshing eye product contains rosemary extracts and is still amazingly wonderful at diminishing dark circles and puffiness. It instantly wakes up tired eyes, decongests fluid buildup, fights under-eye bumps, and provides a visible lift. Ahhhh take me away!

And while I was excited to rediscover these classic favs, Yon-Ka has certainly kept up with modern skincare trends and has created some new products that I found equally impressive. I am absolutely loving one of Yon-Ka’s newest products called the Advanced Optimizer Gel Lift for the Neck, Decollete, & Bust. This product contains a wonderful combination of plant extracts and peptides that smooths, tones and restores firmness to the neck and chest area. I like the refreshing herbal smell and how my neck and chest look instantly smoother and firmer after I use it. Over time, I have noticed a that this product has helped soften the age related signs on my neck and chest.

A couple of other new Yon-Ka product discoveries I would like to tell you about are Alpha -Contour and Masque 105. Alpha-Contour is an instantly absorbing eye and lip treatment gel that contains fruit acids. It helps eliminate dead skin cells, replenishes moisture, and reduces lines around the eyes and lips. I like how it makes the skin around my eyes look and feel fresher. 

Masque 105 is one of those yummy smelling multi-purpose masques that I like to use around ‘that time of the month’ when my skin is wacky and hormonal. This masque cleanses, clarifies, firms, and oxygenates all skin types. It detoxifies and purifies the skin, it helps tighten enlarged pores, and it relieves dry skin from occasional blemishes. This masque literally takes your skin (and mood) from blah to ahhh in moments!

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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