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It’s no secret that I like to be the first girl on my block to discover new and unique beauty products, if fact I’ve made it my life’s mission to vet fabulous under the radar brands and share them with you, my most recent discovery, Ninja Polish is a doozy! Ninja Polish is a wonderful website dedicated to curating fabulous, unique, undiscovered and hard to find nail polishes at affordable prices.

Not only does Ninja Polish have an amazing selection of niche polish brands, but my absolute favorite thing about this newly discovered site, and the talented Bloggesses behind it, is that they have created a small, but show stopping collection of gorgeous multifaceted polishes that I am currently obsessed with. These creative ladies currently have a collection of seven swoon worthy gemstone inspired sparkly, shimmery shades that they are constantly sold out of which include: Alexandrite, Basilisk, Chameleon, Color Changing Garnet, Hydra, Komodo and Zultanite. 

Because these polishes are made by hand, they are incredibly high quality and very dense with pigment and multi-dimensional microfine glitter/shimmer. They are the kind of polishes that change appearance when you look at them from various angles and in different light sources and they are flippin’ awesome!!! 

I had the pleasure of meeting the Ninjas at Cosmoprof in Vegas and they were kind enough to gift me with a bottle of their beautiful Zultanite Polish ($11). Zultanite is rare gemstone that shifts from a warm gold to an amazing bright green and this special polish shows its truest color over black and is gorg over a dark brown. I have been wearing Zultanite over black for the past week and I just can’t stop staring at it! Everywhere I go, people ask me what I am wearing cause it is so unique and eye catching. Take a look at my pictures below so that you can see a couple of the iterations of Zultanite 

 Zultanite in Indoor Light 


 Zultanite in Sunlight

So if you are looking for a unique and special nail polish, pop on over to the Ninja Polish site and check out their amazing assortment of brands and colors, it will definitely be worth your time 🙂

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous color! I love that it is handmade, by a smaller company. The quality shows!

  2. Such a gorgeous lacquer! I’ve been shopping around the ninja polish site recently.. looks like I’ll need to complete that order soon. 😉

  3. I love the color. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone post that before. Thank you!

  4. As a lover and collector of gemstones, I totally “get” this nail color. I love the rich shimmery green. It’s really pretty. Thanks Romy for getting me interested in Ninja polishes. I need to check out more of their nail colors.

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