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Tattoo Junkee

Hello My Beauties! I just returned from Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas, it’s the largest B2B professional beauty trade show in North America, and it’s my favorite! This year I invited my partner in crime, on camera Lifestyle and Beauty Expert Stacy Cox to join me (stay tuned cuz we are dreaming up something big together) to scout the latest and most inspired new beauty products on the landscape. We had a blast covering every corner of the show in search of exciting new beauty discoveries to share with you. And while I definitely saw a lot of the same this year, there was also a sprinkling of exciting new products and brands that caught my attention. Following are 7 products, that totally impressed and excited me and I am delighted to share them with you.

1) Tattoo Junkee Pucker Up Lip Paint ($8) Seriously, this FAB new product totally WOWED me and made me smile like a giddy little girl, not to mention they were one of the biggest hits of this show. If I could rock sparkly glittery lips every day of my life, I absolutely would because they are that good (and pictures just don’t do it justice!) This must-have duo comes with a long lasting lip gloss (now available in red, pink and purple) that’s a little tacky along with glitter that you apply with your finger and it sticks to your lips. And Viola, Dorthy’s Ruby Red Slippers come to life on your lips! You can mix colors and do ombre too. This product is available online and at Walmart (soon) along with a whole line of temp and sparkly tattoos = OBSESSED!

Tattoo Junkee Kiss

2) The Painted Nail Swatch Strips I just adore the spunky and vibrant Katie Cazorla, a nail celebrity best known for her reality TV show. Katie is also a very creative entrepreneurial business woman who continually is creating inspired new nail products. During a fun cocktail party at Cosmoprof, she revealed her latest brainchild called Swatch Strips, clear strips that you apply to your nails to rock bold nail one night, peel it off and then a more tame look the next. Or you can use them to test a variety of polishes or gels like many of us bloggers do, and peel it off when you are finished rather than having to use damaging polish remover or acetone. Very Clever!

Painted Nail

Me, Katie, Stacy & the vibrant Nancy-Lee of FashionCHICista

3) Vimkon Ultra Lifting Essence is an instant results spray essence made out of revitalizing deep sea minerals sourced from nearly 2,000 feet under the ocean in Hawaii. This ‘WOW’ essence works immediately to lift, firm and reshape the skin with rapid and noticeable results. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the left side of my face is more lifted and tighter when compared to my right and the results are cumulative. Blown away by this one!

Vimkon Lift 4) MoYou DIY Nail Art ($40-$180) are inspired and easy to use DIY nail art tools that allow you to create beautiful artistic designs using their impressive nail design products. The secret sauce of this brand is their laser cut image plates that allow you to choose your fav design, coat in polish, use scrapper to smooth and press into stencil, pick up the design with a stamper and then stamp onto your nails. So cool, so easy & super FUN!


5) SkinNutrition Nutrient Dense Superfood Breakfast Smoothie ($58) this yummy brand makes a full line of superfood infused skincare products that incorporates a proprietary micro-encapsulation technology that keeps the phytonutrients and polyphenols potent and active. And while superfoods are well-known in ingestibles, it’s more novel on the beauty landscape. The divine Breakfast Smoothie feeds your skin with nutrient dense organic carrot and pumpkin extracts. Nom Nom!



6) KocoStar Split End Therapy Mask ($7) is an on the go, one time use, no rinse leave in ponytail treatment that nourishes and hydrates your dry damaged ends. Basically, you attach this mask to your ponytail for an hour or all day and it continually infuses your hair with a rejuvenating mix of argan oil, olive oil, and shea butter. This innovative brand is taking the single use mask concept to a whole new level with this ends mask along with a hair and cuticle/nail mask too. Love it!

Split end mask

7) Nano Nails ($9.99/4 nails) is being touted as the ‘smart manicure’ that allows you to incorporate a nail stylus onto your polished nail. You basically glue this propriety nail stylus to your own nail during a manicure and cover with nail polish, gel polish, acrylics and/or nail art and tad-ah your nail is now also a stylus, kinda brilliant!

Nano Nails

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