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solano blowBy my new SuperSolano 3600ion 1875 watt Professional Hair Dryer! The quality, power and sleek style of these professional quality blow dryers is ridiculously amazing. I feel all ‘James Bond’ using this high performance, professional caliber styling tool, like I have entered a whole new world, a world I am absolutely loving!

 Where should I begin? Let’s start by telling you all the cool and high tech features:

  • Ceramic
  • Ionic
  • Far Infrared Heat
  • Tourmaline
  • Low EMF
  • Weight Balanced AC Motor
  • 3 Temperature Settings, 2 Speeds
  • Cold Shot Button
  • Removable Filter
  • Extra Long Cord

    These features make me feel like I am investing in a substantial, durable product and while its not the cheapest dryer on the block, you get a ton of performance features and a two year warranty with an option to extend—this company really stands behind its products.

    So now you ask: Romy Darling, what do you like about this dryer? What makes it different than all the others? This is a hearty, substantive, durable long lasting styling tool, not your average beauty supply purchase. What I absolutely love, love about this is dryer is how quickly and easily it dries my hair! It probably takes me under five minutes to get my entire head fully dry, and when I decide to go crazy and employ some fancy styling efforts, it takes me under ten minutes to make it look like a million bucks! (And saving time is a HUGE plus in my book!). In addition, it makes my hair super shiny with no static frizz (which I loathe!) And all those high tech features like ceramic, ionic and tourmaline contribute to making my hair look and feel shiny, smooth and conditioned. I also really love the weight of this dryer, its a bit heavier, but that’s what makes it feel fast, powerful and industrial strength to me.

    I am so ‘blown away’ by my first ever Solano dryer, no wonder its been an industry leader for over 30 years. I think they have won me over as a loyal fan and I can’t wait to see what other fabulous ‘power styling tools’ they come up with next. I feel like a bad ass super heroine armed with my SuperSolano 3600ion, watch out Storm, here I come!

    What is your fav hair styling tool? Please post and tell me why you love it, let’s get some conversations going on here people!

    Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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