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I recently had the pleasure of sitting in the chair of Beverly Hills based Master Hairstylist Patricia Lynn Laas for a fabulous haircut

Cut by Patricia Lynn Laas

And while she was cutting my hair, Patricia asked me if I had ever considered getting a hair smoothing treatment? Being a beauty junkie with naturally frizzy poufy hair, I was among the first to try the original Japanese and Brazilian hair smoothing treatments years ago, and while I certainly liked the instantly smooth long lasting results, these chemical bombs did a lot of damage to my hair and I have since backed off. Patricia was excited to enlighten me about the new-gen hair smoothing treatments that are much better and non-damaging, and invited me to come back and try her favorite treatment in this category: Cezanne’s Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

Cezanne Pro Before Selfie

The Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a safe in-salon smoothing treatment that makes your hair smoother, healthier and less frizzy without damaging or dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, which can be found in other straightening or smoothing products. This treatment cuts your blow drying time in half, reduces frizz and gives you straighter, smoother, and more manageable hair that lasts for months.

There are few things that differentiate Cezanne’s Smoothing Treatment from the others on the market: 1) It is a formaldehyde-free smoothing system that uses the latest advances in science to deliver the results of a traditional keratin smoothing treatment without the harmful chemicals; 2) It contains sericin, a natural protein produced by the silk worm that bonds to the natural keratin in your hair and makes your hair smoother and straighter; and 2) There is no waiting period after getting this treatment – you can color your hair at the same time (which I did), wash it, wear it in a pony tail and style your hair with body or curls.

After learning all about what makes Perfect Finish special, I was excited to try it for myself. First, Patricia enlisted the talents of professional photographer Julie of Camera Creations to beautifully capture my before and after shots

Cezanne Pro BeforeHere is my BEFORE Picture – notice how fluffy & frizzy my hair looks
Cezzane Before 2Here’s another BEFORE pic that I took in different light to highlight the frizz factor

Patricia has such a fun, engaging, upbeat personality and there was never a dull moment when I was sitting in her chair, she makes you feel so comfortable. What impressed me the most about Patricia, was the ease and finesse of her skill set as she simultaneously smoothed and colored my hair at the same time. She is truly a gifted master and I marveled at her work

Cezanne DuringHere’s a pic after my hair was colored during the flatiron/smoothing phase of the Cezanne Treatment

After several hours of meticulous work and attention to detail, here’s what my hair looked like after having my hair colored by Patricia and smoothed with the Perfect Finish Treatment

Cezanne After Pro BackAFTER Picture of my hair from the Back
Cezanne Pro After Front  AFTER Picture of my hair from the Front

Cezanne B & ABEFORE                                      AFTER

What did I think of the Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment? I love the way my hair looks (smoother & healthier) and feels (it feels thicker and like I have more volume/more hair); and I really like how it truly cuts my blow drying time in half. I am most impressed by how healing it is for your hair, rather than damaging your hair like the early days of smoothing treatments. Truth be told, my hair is not as smooth nor as frizz free as it was when I had the Brazilian/Japanese straightening treatments, however the health and integrity of my hair are intact and I absolutely prefer that in the long run.

Cezanne also makes wonderful After Care Products that I highly recommend to ensure the longevity of the Perfect Finish Treatment. Since my treatment, I have been using Cezzane’s Moisturizing Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave-In Conditioner which contains keratin to prolong the treatment and keep your hair moist and healthy. And Cezanne’s Thermal Protectant Spray is a a post treatment must-have that protects your hair from heat, extends the longevity of the treatment, adds shine and makes your hair manageable and silky.

Cezanne Aftercare products

If you are based in LA or come to visit, I highly recommend treating yourself to a hair service with Patricia. Whether you decide to try a Cezanne Smoothing Treatment, an exquisite hair coloring service or a masterful haircut, Patricia doesn’t disappoint!

Patricia Lynn Laas Hair Co. 8383 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA (310)384-9360

Patricia & I After

Disclosure: Patricia invited me into her salon to try the Cezanne treatment, but all opinions and gorgeous smooth hair is my own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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