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Katy Perry & Me 2014

Being an influential blogger definitely has it privileges 🙂 Especially when it comes to VIP access at events, and I never ever take for granted how lucky I am to be invited to amazing events and rub elbows with some of today’s hottest stars. Like Katy Perry for example, I’ve been a fan for a long time and I have never seen her perform live, let alone meet her in person and these two stellar things happened to me a few weeks ago when Katy was in Los Angeles for her Prismatic World Tour Concert.

COVERGIRL invited me along with an intimate group of bloggers to attend Katy’s Prismatic Concert along with the special added bonus of meeting Katy backstage before her show. Ooh La La meeting Katy was definitely a treat! A couple years ago I watched her autobiographical documentary Part of Me and I saw how much Katy treasures her fan Meet & Greet’s before she performs because they totally pump her up! It was so special being part of that energy! Just before I met Katy, I saw her bantering with one of her friends backstage and it made me realize how normal/like all of us she really is. I only had a brief moment with Katy, but during that time she was so real and in the moment. She instantly noticed my fab blinged out nails and said the were EVERYTHING

Nails KP Admire

Shortly after our fab Meet & Greet, we nestled into our amazing VIP seats and watched Katy perform for over two and half amazing hours!!

Katy Perry collage 2Her concert was AMAZING!! It was fun, lively, diverse, visually stimulating, colorful, memorable and entertaining. And she never ran out of steam! From flying in the air, to her Cats number to her singing pure without any theatrics to the fun rainbow prism glasses we all got to wear, all of it was top notch, fun, high quality entertainment and I loved every moment! A special thanks to COVERGIRL for inviting me to this stellar concert with one of their most famous Covergirl’s, such a treat! #instaGLAM

Katy Perry Concert Collage

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