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tokyo milkI LOVE Tokyo Milk Products! They have the most beautiful, artistic, attention grabbing packaging and the details are exquisite. These are the kind of products that people think you spent way more than you actually did because the attention to the packaging details is remarkable. Tokyo Milk products make amazing gifts because their presentation is such a show stopper and they are affordably priced. A few of the Tokyo Milk products that I am loving and think would make great holiday gifts are:

Dragonfly Tripled Milled-Perfumed Soap 

This is a chunky bar of triple-milled soap which is lightly scented with white vetiver (a light, fresh, clean scent). The reason I love this soap is because of the beautiful dragonfly package with a hint of glitter. It looks like a mini work of art and like something you would see in a well decorated bathroom. It is stunning and looks like you spent much more than eleven bucks.

Satsuma Parfum Solid

This is an adorable, travel-sized pot of solid perfume that smells like a yummy blend of honeyed grapefruit, Brazilian orange and tangerine. Each parfum is packaged in a beautifully hand-glittered box with several mini note cards, for an extra little treat, love that!

Iced Green Tea Lip Balm

This is a lightly fragranced lip balm that smells like a slightly sweet glass of green tea. But it is the petit box that is the real wow. The inside flaps are artistically designed with images and scalloped edges and the best part is that each box contains tips on the art of kissing and a famous kissing quote on the inside flap. So well thought out, inspired, and a perfect gift for the season or even Valentine’s Day.

Dead Sexy Parfum

The name alone ‘Dead Sexy’ totally grabs my attention, then add the skull and crossbones as an edgy packaging detail, and combine it with a wonderful fragrance that is a blend of deep vanilla, exotic woods, white orchid and ebony. It smells divine, and I would describe it as multi-layered, smoky, sultry, sexy and earthy. It is a new favorite of mine for the winter season.

Hope you enjoyed learning about these great gift worthy products, lots more gift ideas coming your way so stay tuned. Please post and share your favorite and affordable holiday gift ideas.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. To a more extravagant Christmas shopping! Great gift ideas!

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