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gamila1Gamila’s Secret  that is. Gamila of Galilee is a Druze healing woman who was taught at an early age by her grandmother that a mixture of wild herbs and hand pressed olive oil had a cleansing and healing effect on the skin. These early lessons were so powerful that she made it her life’s mission to share these ancient healing remedies with the world and give everyone the opportunity to have healthy, radiant skin for as long as they live.

Her SECRET is a divine bar of handmade soap that I was delighted to discover at Cosmoprof this year. This is NOT your ordinary soap, this is a beautiful, lovingly handmade bar of soap with 15 herbs from the hills of Galilee (seven being a proprietary blend of hand picked herbs carefully selected by Gamila herself) and 80% pure virgin oil olive. This soap is created using ancient methods of combining various oils and herbs, then boiling it for up to forty hours, hardening it for up to sixty hours, and then like a fine wine, each bar of soap is slowly aged for three to six months (talking about soap like it is wine is a comparison that totally intrigues me :-)). Then as the icing on the cake, Gamilia herself inspects every bar of soap before it is packaged and sent out into the world, much like a mother prepping her child to go out on its own. How could you not fall in love with a product that is created with that much nurturing?

And then you try it and can see what all the fuss is about. It smells divine (my fav fragrances are Soothing Geranium and Lavender Heaven) and then lathers into a creamy, luscious, frothy foam that feels cleansing and nurturing at the same time. And I must admit, I am totally hooked on this product—I like aromatherapeutic scent that instantly calms me and the way this healing hydrating foam feels on my skin, as well as the refreshed feeling I

gamila soap have when it is rinsed away ( I even love the ancient looking stone dish that they recommend to keep the soap from getting mushy). But I think it is the ancient lineage of this remedy that really grabs me the most—You feel the history, love and attention to detail that goes into the creation of this marvelous product, like you are part of something bigger, and that feels GOOD.

And then there are all these wonderfully natural, healing ingredients in this magical soap: pure olive oil and secret herbs that moisturize, boosts skin’s elasticity, and stimulate self healing. It’s also 100% natural, has no preservatives or artificial colors, is even suitable for sensitive skin types and can be used to wash your face, body or even as shaving cream or a facial mask. Because of its tremendous healing properties, it is recommended that you leave Gamilia’s Secret on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing it off and try it for at least one month to help put your skin back in balance.You can buy these wonderful bars here and please let me know if you can feel the love.

This just in: Gamila Secret would like to extend a special offer to Romy’s Raves readers—a discount of $5 off your order by entering this code on the web order form: 17082009

This offer is good thru September 2009.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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