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I have posted about my affinity for the delightful Michael Todd True Organics products in the past, and I love these yummy products so much that I have kept them in circulation with my other go-to products. Well, MTO has done it again by creating a fabulous new eye cream that treats all those pesky symptoms that make us look old and tired around our eyes. Allow me to introduce you to MTO INTENSIVE Organic Cream Eye Treatment ($38)


This innovative new 85% organic eye cream treats every aspect of aging around the eyes which includes diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing dark circles, eliminating puffiness and helping to regenerate skin cells. The secret active ingredients in this eye treatment are Haloxyl® and Eyeliss®, both cutting edge advanced treatments for the care of the delicate skin of the under eye areas and eye lids.

Let’s take a closer look at the fabulous ingredients in INTENSIVE and exactly how it treats the aging around your eyes:

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles INTENSIVE treats fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes with Copper Peptide and antioxidants Roobois Tea, Acai and Vitamin E to repair sun damage and provide the skin with important anti-oxidant stress and immune support. These wonderfully active ingredients encourage elastin and collagen production and strengthens the skin in the eye area enabling it to “bounce back” instead of sagging and wrinkling. This treatment also contains Rhodiola Rosea, an herb fairly new to the West, that works to further combat wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  • Dark Circles INTENSIVE also contains Haloxyl®, an innovative and very active exciting new ingredient used to combat dark circles around the eye. Haloxyl absorbs and eliminates colored blood pigments in the skin that are responsible for dark circles under the eyes. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and reinforces firmness and tone of the eye area.
  • Puffiness and Bags INTENSIVE treats puffy bags under the eyes with Eyeliss®, a patented combination of three protein peptides that increase lymphatic drainage, reduce inflammation and help decongest and reduce swelling in the under eye area. The massage tip applicator also helps to gently and quickly break up the puffiness around your eyes.
  • Hydration INTENSIVE contains Organic Olive and Jojoba Oils in a base of Aloe Vera Juice for “intense” soothing and hydrating of dry and sensitive skin around the eyes.

What do I LOVE about this eye treatment? I don’t know about you, but I definitely suffer from all these age related eye area symptoms and I was pleasantly surprised by the efficacy and noticeable results I got from this eye cream. My favorite aspect of this cream is the perfect weight, texture and supple hydration that it gives to my eye area, and even better that it keeps my eye area hydrated all day long. I also like the massage tip applicator and notice that using it in tandem with the cream helps noticeably decrease puffiness. Over time, I have noticed a slight diminishing of my fine lines and dark circles as well. In addition, I also love that this cream is mostly organic and less than forty bucks! A steal for the anti-aging benefits that you get..

Disclosure: MTO send me this eye cream for editorial consideration, but the dark circles and puffiness that I am constantly seeking solutions for are my very own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Amazing eye cream! i don’t need to try any more brands. This is all i need.

  2. This eye cream is by far the best of the best. I too suffer from dark circles and bags. I am happy to say that after a week of using this cream, my bags are packed and my circles have had their last round. Ok, sorry to get so silly but I am seriously giddy over the results that I’ve gotten. I’ve tried other eye creams but none have worked like this has. Hooray for me!

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