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I’ve raved about Algenist before; it’s a brand know for harnessing the power of microalgae to create gorgeous, potent and transformative skincare products. Well, Algenist has taken it to the next level with their exciting new color correcting make-up line called REVEAL. This innovative makeup line utilizes a variety of microalgae-based species to color correct and improve your skin’s tone and radiance. The secret ingredient at the core of REVEAL is called AlgaCorrecting Complex, a revolutionary formula that uses naturally occurring red, blue, green and golden algae to camouflage skin imperfections, while also delivering potent anti-aging skincare benefits. This powerful combo of nature meets skincare combined with makeup really excites this beauty junkie! Let me tell you more about my fav products in this new line.

REVEAL Color Correcting Radiant Primer ($36) At the core of this exciting new color correcting line, is the tinted primer which contains Algenist’s proprietary skin transforming ingredients: AlgaCorrecting Complex, Alguronic Acid and Microalgae Oil. These algae driven game changers instantly correct your skin color flaws, improve skin tone and prep skin for a smooth makeup application. In addition to the algae derived ingredients, this primer also contains universal tinted pigments, combined with antioxidants and vitamin E to brighten your skin and minimize the appearance of imperfections. This is a FAB primer! I love how it immediately smooths, softens and evens out my skin texture and how it keeps my makeup flawless for hours. Color Correcting Anti-Aging Serum Foundation SPF 15 ($48) This swoon-worthy skin transforming serum foundation combines AlgaCorrecting Complex, Alguronic Acid and Microalgae Oil which work synergistically together to instantly brighten dull uneven skin, correct and smooth skin and cover imperfections. It comes in six shades and has a lightweight texture and a lovely semi-matte finish that leaves your skin smooth, radiant and flawless. I love this skincare serum meets makeup hybrid because you can see and feel it transforming your skin while you wear it. It’s totally a skin-loving product and I can feel my skin drinking it up. But the best thing about it is that it gives your skin that enviable youthful glow that everyone covets these days. Color Correcting Finishing Powder ($38) Last but not least is this innovative highlighting and finishing powder that corrects color imperfections and neutralizes uneven skin tone. This finely blended powder contains a spectrum of color correcting pigments that are uniformly placed in the compact from top to bottom so that you get the same color combination no matter how many times you use it; in other words, it always looks fresh and new and gives the same luminous radiant finish every single time. I love how just one swipe of this powder totally brightens up my whole face and it imparts a soft focus, flaw blurring hue. Brilliant!

Algenist CC Powder

Lately, I’ve been using all three of these Algenist Color Correcting products to make my skin look fresher, younger and radiant. What do you think?

Algenist Face

Disclosure: Algenist gave me samples of their new color correcting products but all opinions and radiant skin are my own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Great info! Algenist never disappoints me. These are on my shopping list.

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