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I don’t know about you, but when February rolls around each year, I find myself feeling more amorous, sexy and focused on all things red, chocolate and romantic. It’s the holiday that reminds me about love and staying connected to those we hold near and dear. In honor of this heart filled day, I thought I would share some of my current favorite discoveries that seem like a perfect sync with this holiday:

  1. Black Magic Roses (pictured above)
These are the most amazing velvety black looking roses and they were the focal point of my wedding bouquet over 10 years ago. They still captivate me to this day–Stunning!

2. Perfect Kiss Parfum
I am a huge fan of Sarah Horowitz Parfums (More Than Just a Fragrance) because her fragrances are so unique, beautifully made, and the kind of scents that people always stop me and ask what I am wearing. Perfect Kiss is a tribute to romantic love; it has a sexy blend of night blooming jasmine and honeysuckle that rests upon a base note of creamy sandalwood and warm amber, and it is made even more inviting by a hint of dark chocolate. I just love the smell of Perfect Kiss which I describe as warm, sensual and yummy which makes it a perfect Valentine’s Day fragrance.

3.  Flaming Heart T-Shirt by Sledge
I have always loved the fun, hip fashion forward tops designed by Sledge. I recently saw a picture of this top in Los Angeles Magazine and loved it! I think it will make the perfect Valentine’s Day date night shirt too!

4. Jurlique Love Balm
This is a delightful little tin of love that I keep in my purse and use anywhere that my skin needs a little extra moisture. It is made of all natural oils and is scented with yummy tangerine oil. My dry chapped lips adore this little balm and I hope yours will too!

5. Lipstick Queen Chinatown Glossy Pencil in Thriller
This is a super sheer, moisturizing “draw on” gloss that comes in a chubby jumbo-sized pencil. It even comes with a jumbo-sized sharpener and the original artwork on the boxes and shade names are all inspired by the Polanski film of the same name. I love the hint of blue red color (perfect for your V-Day pucker) and how simple it is to use.

6. Vampire Kiss in Love Bite Red by Lip Seduction
This is one of my all time favorite lipgloss and treatment products because it provides a nice sheer hint of color and it heals, plumps and sooths my lips all at once (read The Seduction of My Lips for my full rave of this product). And Love Bite Red is the perfect sheer Valentine’s Day shade of red!

7. China Glaze Nail Polish in Ruby Pumps 
This is a great sparkly red nail polish that was inspired by Dorthy’s Ruby Red Slippers. Being a die hard Wizard of Oz fan, I could not resist The Wizard of Ohh Ahhz collection by China Glaze (what a fun packaging concept!). There are six great colors in this set, but I think I will be wearing Ruby Pumps for a fun blingy Valentine’s Day Look. I also love the sparkly blue shade in the set called Dorothy Who? and the fun shimmery purple called C-C-Courage. 

8. Choclatique Fig and Peanut Butter Sea Salt Truffle
OMG! This is such an insanely good candy creation that I tasted it over a year ago at Expo West  and still cannot stop thinking about it. It is the perfect blend of creamy peanut butter, carmely fig and a hint of sea salt covered in divine chocolate—An Absolute Confection Perfection!!

9.  Gotta Have S’more Amore 
I recently discovered the addictive S’muffins by Gotta Have S’more and am totally hooked on these miniature s’more like cupcakes. They have a graham cracker shell dipped in chocolate and are filled with marshmallow, chocolate and other divine ingredients. And the S’more Amore is a Valentine’s Day spin on this amazing treat with red colored white chocolate on the outside and a candy red heart on top—Super cute and yummy too!

10. Naja Tea
I recently discovered Naja’s divine tea blends at the Go Green Expo in LA and was immediately hooked! Naja’s mantra is to make ‘whole leaf hip’ and she masterfully fulfills this promise by creating aromatic and unique blends of tea that intoxicate you with their beautiful inspired smells and flavors. I am absolutely head over heels in love with the sensual Mix & Mingle blend of toasted coconut, chocolate, vanilla and rooibos, dee-lish! And I think the delicious Allure blend (white tea, tangerines, & schizandra berries) and the Wicked Plum blend (cinnamon, ginger root, hibiscus and rooibos) would make delightful Vday gifts.  

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Though valentine’s just passed, I still can feel the love all around. My husband always brings flowers. We are in the 5th year since we ringed the bell on our church. I liked the ideas here. I might take one out come special day.

  2. I’m wearing Ruby Pumps right now – I love it only just a teensie tiny bit less than my other fav China Glaze – Lubu Heels. Thanks for the other recommendations!!

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