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Paleta Before & After Front final

Last month, I shared that I had partnered with Farm-to-Table Meal Delivery Service PALETA on a two month wellness journey and raved about my results and transformation after one month. Today, I am delighted to share my final thoughts on this amazing experience after being on their program for two months. In a nutshell, the two months were yummy, insightful, transformative and life changing. Let me tell you a little more about it.

After two months on PALETA, which for me consisted of their 14 day Mind Body Cleanse followed by the delivery of five Market Menu Fit Meals everyday during the week, PALETA Family Dinners and PALETA Pressed Potables delivered every Friday, healthy meals on my own on the weekend, daily walks with my dog, and a combination of Pure Barre and Core Power Yoga classes throughout the week, I lost an impressive 14 pounds and 7 inches, significantly increased my muscle tone and strength and probably the most exciting shift of all was that all of my blood work/health levels resulted in being textbook normal!

Pretty exciting stuff right? If the Before & After pics above don’t speak for themselves, here’s what I am experiencing on an emotional level. I feel lighter, sexier and more svelte, I feel stronger (especially in my core!) and probably most importantly I feel back on the right track to eating balanced, healthier and am much more cognizant of more portion sizes. Being on PALETA provided a beautiful road map for ongoing health and wellness. It realigned my perceptions of portions and showed me that healthy food can look and taste amazing so that you don’t feel deprived.

One of my favorite aspects of my PALETA wellness program was being able to share this beautiful food experience with my family. Being a foodie family, we are always intrigued by seasonal fresh foods, and everyday when my meals were delivered, my 10 year old son was curious about what I was eating. In my experience with other wellness programs (and this is primarily the reason they didn’t fully work for me), the person on the program eats their own food alone and they aren’t able to share the experience with others, in contrast PALETA Family style meals allowed my whole family to partake in the healthy yumminess. The PALETA family meals are designed for families with kids or couples whose schedules don’t afford much time to make healthy, nutritious meals themselves. This program allows you to choose your entrees, sides and a dessert as well as the option of adding on a salad or soup.

Paleta Family DinnerOne of our favorite PALETA family meals was the fresh salmon burgers with butter lettuce wraps and a horseradish cream sauce, grilled asparagus with goat cheese and gluten free chocolate dipped macaroons for dessert, Nom Nom! Even my discerning foodie son found the Paleta Family meals tasty and satisfying.

Another fun and unique offering that I enjoyed during my two month stint was the PALETA Pressed Potables. These gorgeous cold-pressed cocktail mixers are made out of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices and come in six tasty flavors. These inspired potions are designed to be a healthy replacement for those old school sugary and syrupy drink mixers and because they are full of nutrients you actually feel better after drinking them. They are so tasty, you can either drink them alone or add alcohol. My fav was the Apple Ochard Tini bursting with fresh pressed apple juice and ginger with a splash of vodka 😉 It’s the perfect Fall Cocktail!

Paleta Potable

While many of us know that eating healthy is the primary secret to weight loss, no wellness program would be complete without a fitness component. I was lucky enough to also partner with the much raved about Pure Barre during my PALETA wellness journey in order to get fit and tone my body. Pure Barre is an hour long full-body workout that targets hips, thighs, tush, abs and arms. The Pure Barre technique is low-impact, protecting your joints by avoiding any bouncing or jumping. Each strength section of the workout is followed by a stretching section in order to create long, lean muscles without bulk.

I tried to do a Pure Barre class a couple of times a week, I found it hard at first but picked up my groove after a little while and definitely noticed it toning my butt, legs and thighs (typically an area I rarely see results.) Pure Barre is a gentle but intense slow targeted workout so I decided to combine it with a couple days a week of hot Core Power Yoga classes in order to get more of a cardio/aerobic workout on alternate days. The combo of these two fitness styles beautifully transformed my body.

Paleta Pure BarreHere I am at my local Pure Barre Woodland Hills getting my sweat on with fab owner Marni

Honestly, I can’t RAVE about this experience enough! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with PALETA and Pure Barre Woodland Hills on this enlightening and transformative wellness journey, I feeling amazing and so much healthier than I did two months ago and I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Disclosure: I partnered with PALETA & Pure Barre Woodland Hills for two months to lose weight and to help me get my eating, body and wellness back on track. All opinions, experiences and weight loss successes are my own.
Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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