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Over the summer, while attending Cosmoprof North America, I was introduced to this inspired new haircare line called Rahua Beauty. Rahua was one of the featured brands in the Discover Beauty section of the conference, which allows trend seekers like me, the opportunity to get up close and personal with emerging new brands and their creators. I was fortunate enough to meet the jubliant Fabian, a celebrated stylist and the creator of Rahua, and his lovely wife Anna (head of marketing), who personally told me the story of how this brand came to fruition. 

Years ago, while traveling in the Amazon Rainforest, Fabian noticed that the native women had beautifully strong and shiny hair. He learned that these women nourished their hair with serum extracted from the Rahua Nut, indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest. Rahua nuts contain a wonderfully restorative oil that can deeply penetrate, repair, smooth and restore the health of your hair. Fabian was very impressed that a natural product could deliver such superior results and especially that over time this transformative oil has the ability to rejuvenate, protect and strengthen dry and damaged hair and bring back it’s bounce and elasticity. 

So given these impressive results, Fabian and Anna used the Rahua nut oil, along with a couple other native oils to create the Rahua Beauty Haircare line. Not only is it all natural, but even more impressive is that Rahua employs Amazonian tribesmen and women to harvest these wonderful oils and then they give back a percentage of product sales to teach the Amazonian people how to preserve their rainforest. 

The Rahua Beauty Haircare line consists of Shampoo, Conditioner, and a Finishing Treatment and I have been using this trio for several months and my hair just adores it! It heals, mends, smooths, revitalizes and just brings my hair back to life. I truly notice a difference after I use the Rahua products compared to when I use other haircare products. I have dry, parched chemically processed hair, so whenever I need a boost I use Rahua. These products area a bit spendy, but the transformative results are worth it (don’t use it everyday, more like once or twice a week.) 

Rahua Shampoo: I love the herbal fresh smell (reminds me of licorice) and how it gently and deeply cleanses my hair. I also like that it is made with organic ingredients, is free of parabens and sulfates and is 100% natural. 

Rahua Conditioner: This conditioner penetrates fast and feels like it is working right away. My hair feels hydrated but not weighted down. 

Rahua Finishing Treatment: The Finishing Treatment contains Rahua Elixir, a highly concentrated blend of Rahua and other Amazonian oils. The super-fine Rahua oil molecules deeply penetrate the hair’s cortex to rebuild even the most damaged tresses. This is my favorite product in the line because it instantly mends my dry ends and gives my hair a glossy weightless finish. It is a wonderfully protective product that helps prevent heat styling damage and a little goes a long way.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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