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In case you haven’t noticed, summer is in full swing, the days are longer and hotter, fruits and veggies are gorgeous, clothes are skimpier and we are all more self conscious about how we look. So the timing couldn’t be better for me to test out the RITUAL CLEANSE, a 100% organic raw juice cleanse designed with special formulations that allow you to workout while cleansing.

I was more than delighted to have the opportunity to try out the three day Seasonal Reset Cleanse along with one day of Shred juices added on to my cleanse. The Reset Cleanse consists of six fresh pressed pure vegetable, fruit, and nut juices that deliver superior nutrition and Shred is pre and post workout juices specifically formulated so that you can still workout at your regular intensity level while you are on the cleanse.

The Seasonal Reset Cleanse consists of six freshly pressed 100% organic juices that you drink throughout the day for maximum energy and nutrient absorption. With the Seasonal Cleanse, one of the juices is formulated with a blend that captures the best produce of the season.

Each day of my three day cleanse started with warm water and a squeeze of lemon juice to kick start my system, followed by a refreshing green veggie and fruit juice (Kale, cucumbers, celery, green apples etc), then the seasonal juice (mine was watermelon, strawberries & young coconut water), then another green juice with slightly different fruits and veggies, then the lemon, cayenne, agave drink, followed by a third and final green juice and the last drink of the day was a cashew nut milk. 

The two add-on Shred Juices added a unique twist to this cleanse. These inpsired juices are designed to fuel intense workouts and repair your body post workout while still cleansing. The Pre-Workout Shred juice contained lots of high frutose juices like beets, carrots, pears, celery and apples to give you a boost of energy to fuel and sustain your workout. The Post-Workout Shred Recovery juice consisted of almonds, water, agave, vanilla and cinnamon, the perfect protein and tasty flavors for proper muscle recovery.

Here’s what I thought: This cleanse was easy, tasty, refreshing and rejuvenating! It was super easy to fit in to my busy on-the-go lifestyle and it took no effort or planning. The juices were tasty, refreshing, filling, mood elevating and gave me a ton of energy. I especially liked the extra boost of energy that the Shred juices gave me for my intense Circuit workouts. Honestly, I felt so energized with these additional juices that I felt like I could conquer the world. My favorite juices in the Seasonal Reset were the watermelon-strawberry-coconut which was so bright, refreshing and full of seasonal flavor, that I could totally go for one right now as I write this! I also loved the chunky textured cashew nut milk drink with a nice combo of cinnamon and agave, it was a perfect treat at the end of the day and it was totally satiating.

And the icing on the cake . . . After 3 days of the Ritual Cleanse, I got rid of my belly bloat and lost 5 1/2 pounds!! I felt light and rejuvenated and on my way to a healthier body. This was the perfect way to kickstart my summer season and I highly recommend trying it out, your body will thank you!

Disclosure: Ritual Cleanse kindly delivered three days of cleansing juices and one day of Shred for me to test out. The opinions, impressive weight loss and rejuvenation are my very own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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