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Last Tango Nude 2

Every once in a while I discover a brand/product that totally rocks my socks off and it changes my life. And sometimes when I love it so much, I decide reach out to the brand directly completely sounding like a crazed groupie and profess my obsession love for the brand and tell them I’m their number one fan! Well, my beauties I must confess, I’m having a love affair with Last Tango and it feels so good!

Last Tango is a Los Angeles based fashion brand that makes a wonderful assortment of on-trend clothing for women, however it’s their simply brilliant 3 Panel Rouched Tops that I’m smitten with. The design of these tops is totally innovative and flattering – they fit snug around the bust, but the secret is that the torso and midsection is designed paneled flaw camoflaging rouching so that it noticeably slims your waistline and instantly makes you look more svelte. It’s kinda like a corset but way more stretchy and comfortable because it’s made out of a combo of nylon and lycra. Seriously, you have to wear one of these tops to see what I mean, but trust me, they are truly FABULOUS!!

In the photo at the top of this post, I’m wearing the Last Tango 3 Panel Rouched Tank Top ($51) in Camel size M/L. Not only is this tank flattering, it’s also super versatile and you can you use it to dress up or dress down, and it comes in 30 different colors. Trust me, you will love this top so much that you will want it in multiple colors! The camel color is a great neutral, the color elongates your body line and it goes with just about everything.

Last Tango Red Tankm with vest

I also love it in vibrant true red and I paired it with a faux fur vest and my beloved embroidered Turkish boots. I wore this chic, statement making outfit this past weekend to listen to a fab 80’s rock cover band and my outfit got tons of compliments! Notice how the tank outlines my curvy silhouette beautifully.

Last Tango Purple Blue Tank

And just to show the versatility of this top and the range of fabulous colors, I also paired the 3 Panel Rouched Tank in Blue Iris with my fav beaten-up comfy cozy pair of jeans and it looked amazing too!

At the top of this post, I paired the camel tank with Last Tango’s Multi-Functional Vest ($105) in black (one size fits most) to compliment the print in my leopard pants and give me an even slimmer and sleeker look. This multi-way flip vest is another beautiful design made by Last Tango! You can wear it as a full maxi length vest for dramatic impact like I did, or you can flip it around for a shorter vest option,

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.41.47 PM

or wear it as a high low wrap

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 1.41.29 PM

Last Tango also makes a variety of rouched style tops, but my other favorite is their 3 Panel Rouched 3/4 Sleeve Top ($69) This top is almost identical to the tank, but it has a ยพ sleeve that is perfect for layering during the cooler weather months. I wouldn’t want to be without this figure flattering top when it’s cold outside and this style allows you to enjoy this top year round. It also comes in 30 different colors.

3/4 Ruched Seafoam

So have I hooked you in yet?! Are you ready to hug your curves in all the right places? How would you like to win a set of my three favorite Last Tango pieces pictured in the photos above? Here are the details of my Sweet Spring Fashion Giveaway ~ CONTEST CLOSED ~


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Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Lily Kwan says:

    Use accessories to complete your outfit.

  2. I choose any medium size to make sure look slim

  3. There is nothing more valuable in fashion than having a good tailor.

  4. Amy Deeter says:

    Always try new things out. Differen’t types of shirts,pants,dresses,etc that you never wore

  5. belinda bell says:

    wear what you look good in. not what other people think you should wear.

  6. Brandon Sparks says:

    Always match your socks with your under shorts

  7. Peggy Johnson says:

    Dress for your current body type NOT for what you hope to be. ie. correct size, shape, length

  8. Richard Hicks says:

    If you think you look good, then you do!

  9. Anne perry says:

    My best advice is keep it simple.

  10. Stephanie Grant says:

    My best advise/tip is to wear what you are most comfortable in and not what fashion magus and other people like. To me there is absolutely nothing worse then going out in a “trendy” outfit and feeling self conscious wondering if you really look good in it or if it makes you look fat. Every woman/girl is beautiful no matter what style they choose to wear so just be you and be comfortable: )!

  11. Nicole Sender says:

    No horizontal stripes ever!

  12. dont wear stripes if you are overweight

  13. Shakeia Rieux says:

    Know which colors will flatter you the most by figuring out if the undertones in your skin are either warm or cold

  14. Holly Storm-Burge says:

    Dark colors slim! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Sandra Watts says:

    My best fashion advice is don’t ask me when it comes to fashion. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Sarah Cool says:

    Be bold but dont be crazy would be my fashion advice! What I mean by that is bold colors are wonderful but mixing bold patterns usually doesnt work!

  17. Lyndsey R. says:

    Make sure each article of clothing you purchase can be used with several different outfits. I never buy a shirt if it only matches one pair of my pants or vice versus.

  18. Pam Flynn says:

    Stay true to yourself and to your style no matter if society likes it or not.

  19. Darla Peduzzi says:

    Wear what you think you look good in and not necessarily what everyone else wears. Be yourself. Be unique.

  20. When you find something you love that fits you perfect, buy one in every color

  21. alena svetelska says:

    i always make sure it is my matching shoes and my handbag.

  22. Deborah W. says:

    Don’t wear loud prints or horizontal stripes if you’re larger on the top half of your body.

  23. I try to be willing to at least try on styles and colors that are outside my normal range- sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. joe gersch says:

    Always wear what feels right on you, not trends

  25. Blank, lots and lots of black

  26. Lynda Del says:

    Best advice is to wear whatever outfits that make you feel your best self in, not to impress others.

  27. linda moore says:

    You can make different outfits by just adding a blazer and changing your shoes.

  28. allyson tice says:

    black is always slimming BUT add pops of color with a or even a handbag~

  29. Heidi Spittler says:

    My advice is to not always follow fads, dress to how you feel the best!

  30. Jennifer Hiles says:

    If it makes you feel confident and good about yourself, than you are doing it right!

  31. Black goes with anything!

  32. violet taylor says:

    make sure you wear one thing ach day that makes you feel fabulous, even if its just pretty undies or cool socks

  33. Noelle Carroll says:

    My best piece of advice is to not forget the accessories. Your outfit needs accessories, a bracelet, a necklace, a hair piece, something neat and that will draw someones eye

  34. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

  35. Definitely wear the right size. There is nothing worse than ill fitting clothing. You could have the most fashionable piece but if it doesn’t fit right it will ruin your whole look. Too small, too big it looks sloppy. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  36. Linda Poplees says:

    I like wearing black because it makes me look slim.

  37. My fashion advice ~ Love the hot trends, but also be unique you can never go wrong with your own style of fashion that makes you feel good outside and inside.

  38. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    My advice is wear clothing that fits you , I see so many people that are say large and wear tight tight fitting spandex pants and shirts. It dosn’t make you look pretty and same for people who are tiny and wear clothes that are to big. That’s what a size chart is for to make clothing make you look beautiful

  39. Melissa S says:

    My best piece of fashion advice is don’t try to dress younger than you should. I see a lot of women wearing junior clothing and though it fits it doesn’t look quite right. There are so many youthful, trendy clothing options out there. Junior sizes are cut for juniors.

  40. Angela A Simmons says:

    your outfit can be simple and plain and still look good if you dress it up with accessories ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Sharon Rooney says:

    Scarves can dress up an outfit. When wearing a jacket I have used a crisscrossed scarf over a tank top as a blouse.

  42. My best piece of fashion advise: it may seem old fashioned but dresses almost always look better worn over a slip.

  43. Melissa R says:

    When in doubt, wear black!

  44. Erin Will says:

    My best piece of advice is to go into a store and try on things you probably would never try. I have turned down pieces of clothes that I liked a lot but didn’t think it would look good on me/ fit me right. Now when I get to go shopping I try on everything, you never know until you try! Have fun!

  45. You can’t go wrong with classic colors

  46. paige chandler says:

    Don’t wear too much jewelry!

  47. Jennifer M. says:

    Wear what you feel comfortable in!

  48. Alison Gibb says:

    My advice is to dress your age and don’t wear fads if they don’t compliment you!!

  49. Ireon Williams says:

    Don’t wear white after Easter

  50. I don’t know if it’s fashionable related but I like to color cordinate everything just so it looks nice & pretty. I don’t do it all the time but when I go out with friends or a fancy place.

  51. Accessorizing always makes an outfit with a cute pair of shoes

  52. Bobbie Smith says:

    I always just try to make sure that what I wear reflects who I am.

  53. Amanda S. says:

    Leggings are not pants, and should not be worn like pants! There’s the best fashion advice of 2016.

  54. ColleenMarie says:

    Mix and match to make your wardrobe of further!

  55. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I like clothes to fit well but do not like them tight. So many younger girls will wear clothes just too tight and it makes them look larger than they actual are. These tops look great in you. I have known that the ruched pieces are usually more slumming but thought it was just my opinion until know. Thanks so much for this great giveaway.

  56. Whatever you yourself!

  57. Steph Mabry says:

    Dress to suit your body – just because something’s trendy doesn’t mean it’s going to look great on everyone!

  58. Anything that makes me look slimmer is A-OK with me!

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