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Being a beauty junkie who started getting facials when I was 16, I consider myself well-versed on this topic both in terms of who gives the best facials in town and what constitutes a stellar facial. So when I was invited to Thibiant Beverly Hills for some pampering and state of the art treatments, I squealed with delight at the chance to visit this landmark destination founded by Aida Thibiant, one of the pioneers of bringing European style facials and innovative face treatments to SoCal.

With a vast knowledge of beauty and aesthetics expertise, Aida opened Thibiant Beverly Hills over 36 years ago to offer state-of- the-art skin care treatments and products in Beverly Hills to meet the high standards and needs of this discerning clientele. Aida earned the title of “Face Saver to the Stars” because of her finesse and expertise in offering personalized treatments and custom blended creams with transformative ingredients. In June 2008, Aida Thibiant retired and sold her business to renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Harry Glassman, who expanded the business with the addition of the Thibiant Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, which offers the latest technologically advanced aesthetic treatments in laser, light, and other age delaying and skin wellness therapies. Aida still keeps her finger on the plus of her namesake and consults when needed.

So as you can imagine, I was pretty excited to experience the legacy of Aida Thibiant and all the innovations and enhancements that the brand has evolved into today. My visit began with having a consult about my skin related concerns with the super FAB and extremely knowledgeable Melanie Shugart, RN. After analyzing my skin and chatting about the amazing innovations in skincare aesthetics, Melanie gave me a DiamondTome Resurfacing Microdermabrasion treatment.

This modern evolution of microderm is nothing like the rough and messy old school treatments. This innovative resurfacing technique uses the DiamondTome Wand to gently and thoroughly remove your topmost layer of skin by gently polishing it with natural diamond chips. This treatment leaves your skin smoother, cleaner, fresher looking and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells with no down time. It is the perfect treatment to have before a facial because it removes the excess skin and product debris that gets in the way of clean skin and product absorption and efficacy.This treatment was totally painless in Melanie’s skilled hands, it left no powder debris or mess (a peeve of mine about traditional microderms) and it made my skin soft and smooth. It was the perfect segue to my fabulous facial.

After I finished with Melanie, she escorted me into this calm and serene waiting area, where I enjoyed an amazing massage chair before my facial treatment

After some relaxing and tension release, I was greeted by Dina Kachko, a seasoned European skin care veteran and I instantly knew I was in expert hands. Dina carefully analyzed my skin and suggested that I get the Hydradermie Facial with OxyLuminous Glow Oxygen Treatment along with the Collagen Mask for face & decollette. I was fortunate enough to be getting the works on this visit so that I could experience all that Thibiant has to offer, and needless to say I was in nirvana.

My facial began with a thorough cleansing (I immediately loved the smell and feel of the Thibiant products) and steam followed by top notch, no-stone-left unturned, gentle but thorough extractions, just the way I like them! Then Dina segued into the essence of the Hydradermie Facial and used special blends of botanical gels and advanced technology to put moisture and oxygen back into my skin. This wonderful treatment delivers deep hydration to rejuvenate your complexion and give you a luminous glow.

And because I was being spoiled on this indulgent day, my facial was also topped of with two additional add-on treatments to give me the ultimate experience and maximum results. First, Dina added in a Collagen Mask for face & decollete for visible firming and line smoothing followed by an OxyFusion Luminous Glow oxygen treatment. This yummy instantly rejuvenating treatment (perfect before big events) contains a blend of botanical brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C to balance uneven skin pigmentation. This oxygen treatment feels like a refreshing cool mist on your face and my skin just drank it up.

The combo of these two add-on treatments (along with the DiamondTome Microderm) gave me the most radiant and supple skin that lasted for weeks!! I also took home two of Thibiant’s hero products Vitasource Multivitamin Repair and Cell Excel Serum (which I am loving) and these two stellar active products undoubtedly have extended the life of this top notch facial.

I was extremely impressed with Thibiant Beverly Hills for multiple reasons: it is a gorgeous state of the art space, innovative results oriented services, highly skilled technicians and amazing products that allow you to bring effective skincare home with you. I would highly rec Thibiant BH for your upcoming facial or aesthetic needs, your skin will thank you!

Thibiant Beverly Hills, 449 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210  310.278.7565 

Disclosure: Thibiant BH invited me to come in for some facial treatments for editorial consideration, but all opinions and glowing skin are my very own.

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. Hi Romy! LOVE this spa 🙂 I used to visit often when I lived in BH. Miss it … hope to catch up with you soon and we can hit up Red Room Wine Bar! xo – Lindsay

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