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Every once in a while, I am blown away by a product instantly. Usually, its when I can feel and see the results right before my very eyes and I stare in amazement. Well, GlamGlow Mud Mask is one of those WOW! OMG! products and ever since I tried it last night, I can’t stop marveling at the way my skin looks and feels.

GlamGlow is an amazing rapid gentle exfoliant mud mask for men and women, high in ancient volcanic ash, super antioxidants and minerals. GlamGlow’s active ingredients come from the South of France and activate a unique moisturizing collagen synthesis that works wonders on the face, neck and décolleté. The impressive actives in this addictive mask include: Volcanic Pumice Rock, French Kaolin Sea Clay, Green & White Tea Leaf, Grape Seed, Sunflower, Marigold Flower, Ivy, Cucumber, Organic Herb Extracts. This mask is so transformative that Hollywood insiders are addicted to how it gives them camera-ready soft glowing skin.

So why am I Ga-Ga for this Mask? First of all, it smells divine, like fresh clean flowers. Second, immediately when you put it on you feel it working because the granules start exfoliating when you apply it and you feel the potent ingredients start to activate right then. Then as it sits on your face you really feel it working by tightening your skin and pulling out the impurities-love that! It feels potent, active and really good. And then you wash it off and your skin is soft, supple, refreshed, smooth and glowing. But it doesn’t end there (as most masks typically do), my skin still maintained its radiance and freshness from the mask the next morning! This is definitely a new Hall of Fame product for me = LOVE!

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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  1. new suscriber here!!! I really want to try this one!! ive just seen a video talking about it and after i read your review I cant wait! I dont wear masks very often but ill leave you a great homemade one if you have oily skin like me: make some lemmon juice, add two or three spoons of sugar and rub it on your face while you are taking a shower. it will give you a nice exfoliating feeling and for free!!

  2. Thank you Romy for such a wonderful write up on GLAMGLOW Mud Mask. It is an amazing product that will truly transform your skin.
    GLAMGLOW illuminates, smoothes, softens, exfoliates, brightens and moisturizes for noticeably super radiant skin.

    I am happy to report that the winner of the GLAMGLOW Mud Mask has been sent the product.

    I have a special promotion for everyone who responded to Romy’s blog and am happy to extend 20% off on the retail price of $69 price. The special price for you all is $55 and includes complimentary shipping. Please email me if you are interested and you can see why everyone raving about GLAMGLOW.

    Thank you.
    Helene Sandra

  3. I subscribed by email. I haven’t tried many. I used mudd mask.

  4. I subscribed.
    I like Alba Hawaiian Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask because my skin feels and looks nice after using it.

  5. Michelle H. says:

    I subscribed. I like Boscia Intensifying Moisture Pack + because it acts both as a mask and a moisturizer.

  6. Phyllis Jenkins says:

    I have zero tolerance to sun exposure. This mask would do double duty for me.

  7. Became a email subscriber of Romy Raves. I use MINERAL from the dead sea it has not wow’d me at all.

  8. Shelley Johnson says:

    I have tried the Lush masks and I’ve made my own. Natural masks are my favorite.

  9. susan smoaks says:

    i subscribed and i’ve never used a mask that wow’d me. i would love to try this one!

  10. My favorite mask is Burt’s Bees Pore Refining Mask, it’s all natural ingredients like French white clay and dried herbs and flowers–it shrinks my pores and makes my skin look amazing—and it’s very inexpensive.

  11. I subscribed.
    I remember liking the scent of a cherry peel off mask from yves rocher that I really liked. Now i’m using a st ives peel off mask.

  12. Rhonda Struthers says:

    I subscribe. I once had a mask that was mint. It left my face feeling tingly and clean


  13. vicki andrew says:

    I make a mask out of yogurt and fresh strawberries, the yogurt softens and the strawberries act a a gentle glycolic peel. I am a subscriber

  14. Susan Smith says:

    I subscribe and I like Olay Purifying Mud Lathering Cleanser

  15. wendy wallach says:

    I subscribe via email to your blog and I like the Ahava mud mask.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  16. I subscribed to your feed via email (same email as in my profile / this post)
    I am using the White Lucent Intensive Brightening Mask from Shiseido

  17. I’m an email subscriber! There’s only one I’ve tried that I really can say works, and that is the LUMENE Arctic Touch Deep Cleansing Peat Mask. It’s not expensive and you truly feel refreshed after using it.. so well spent money 🙂

  18. brandy nelson says:

    I really like this mask I got at of all places, The Dollar Tree. It is by Got 2 B and is has oatmeal, honey, and bananas. It makes my skin SUPER soft, and it smells delicious!

  19. I’m an e-mail subscriber. I like the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask because it is super cheap (less than $5) and feels really cool and refreshing when you put it on

  20. Kayte CookWatts says:

    The only mask I’ve ever really liked is the Origins Charcoal mask- but my boyfriend hates the smell-boo.

  21. Rachel Higgs says:

    I just subscribed to your e-mail
    I havent used a mask in decades. the last one i used was cucumber and it made my face feel refreshed

  22. I’m a subscriber. I’ve been using Nude Miracle Mask for a few weeks now, and l’ve fallen in love with how it is so gentle, I don’t even get tingly, but my skin feels so different when I take it off.

  23. sandy perez says:

    I’m still looking for the wow mask that won;t dry out my face wish me luck

  24. I used to love using St. Ives cucumber mask but haven’t done that in years.

  25. I am looking for a product that will help out my skin. I just haven’t found anything that wow’s me yet.

    I’d really like to win this!

    I’m now a subscriber
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Lets Dance- – True Story Tuesday =-.

  26. Email subscriber…A homemade Heavy Cream Facial Mask makes your skin feel incredibly soft & smooth.

  27. Vicky Boackle says:

    i have never found a wow mask, hope this is it though.

  28. I’m a subscriber and I once had a great facial mask applied at a spa, but when I try it at home my face always gets way dry.

  29. Mary Preston says:

    I subscribed. I use the Ten-O-Six mud mask & have always been happy with the results. (Not too sure how natural it is though.)

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  31. Hi there! I love checking out your blog and reading everything, which I do, every last word!

    Keep on writing the fabulous stuff you do!

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