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Alma is a new original play at the Kirk Douglas written by an up & coming LA playwright about immigration & family in Los Angeles today

latina mother and daughter holidng each other

After more than two years, I was delighted to finally be back at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City for the opening night of Alma, a refreshing original new play featuring the reality and beauty of living in LA as a Latina today. Alma showcases the powerfully fresh, homegrown L.A. voice of new up and coming playwright Benjamin Benne, a cast of two talented LA based actresses, Sabrina Fest as daughter Angel and Cheryl Umaña as mother Alma and a production that takes place in an iconic LA theatre! I LOVE LA!

Alma is a captivating and heartwarming story about an undocumented Latina mother and her defiant teenage daughter who are both struggling to relate to and understand one another while navigating the socio-political climate around them. Because she immigrated to the US with nothing, Alma wants so much more for her daughter than she ever had, most significantly she wants her daughter to get a good SAT score so she can get into a good college and have a successful career.

Latina mother and daughter on a couch

This story takes place on the eve of the SAT’s which Angel has been studying for years, however instead of studying and getting a good night’s sleep, Angel is out drinking and comes home drunk, potentially jeopardizing everything they have been working towards. On the surface, this play seems like the story of a typical teenager defying her parent, however as the story unfolds we learn that it is so much more than that. It is a modern and relevant story about guilt, love, fear and understanding how fulfill one person’s dream without alienating anothers.

What I loved most about Alma was the realism of the story that showcased the relatable struggles that many people deal with as an immigrant in today’s world. I really enjoyed how this modern story took a closer look at the uncertainty and fear of living in this country without a green card, how that fear was exacerbated when Trump was in office, the real challenges that you face when you have financial challenges, the struggles of being a single parent, the often overlooked cultural and language barriers of being an immigrant and the poignant realistic portrayal of a relationship between a single Latina mother and her assimilated daughter.

Mother leaning over a table holdingher daughters handsAlma is one of those rare refreshing plays that makes you laugh and cry, it makes you frustrated and it makes you think and it touches your heartstrings. It was well worth the 2+ year wait!

Alma is now playing at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in downtown Culver City through April 3, 2022. Find out more information and get your tickets HERE

Love this post? Please feel free to share it with someone you think would enjoy it!


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